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Dispute over Vanke's equity
November 29, 2016, ChinaEvergrande groupThe announcement disclosed that the company passed itsSubsidiariesstaymarketThe company further acquired about 510 million sharesVankeA shares, together with the previous acquisition, the company holds about 1553 million a shares of Vanke, accounting for about 14.07% of the total issued share capital of Vanke. As of the date of this announcement, the total consideration of this acquisition and the previous acquisition was approximately RMB 36.273 billion.
On the evening of June 26, 2016, Vanke A announced that the shareholders of the company Ju Shenghua and Qianhai life insurance issued to the company the "notice on requesting the board of directors of Vanke Enterprise Co., Ltd. to convene the second meeting in 2016"interim general meeting of stockholdersProposed to remove a total of 12 directors, including Wang Shi and Yu Liang.
  Relevant knowledge:White Knight(white knight)。 The so-called "knights in white" refers to those who encounter hostile takeoverTarget companyInvite friendly companies to buy themselves, so as to frustrate the hostile takeover or force the hostile acquirer to raise the purchase price [detailed]
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Financial classification

Monetary theory
Exchange rate theory baumol model  Fisher effect  >>
Financial theory
Money Multiplier Theory  Purchasing power parity theory Debt management theory >>
international finance
international reserve  Eyuha model Return on reserve assets >>
M & A fund Compensation fund Fund index >>
gold market gold futures  Electronic gold >>
negotiable securities
stock market stock exchange Securities fraud >>
A shares B shares H shares blue-chip share IPO >>
loan investment bank Credit Card >>
Open-ended Funds Closed end fund Index Fund >>
foreign exchange
foreign exchange market Foreign exchange transactions foreign exchange reserve >>
futures market futures trade futures exchange >>
Financing mode equity financing financial factoring  >>

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Financial theory

Bank run theory
DiamondAnd davig put forward the bank run theory. According to the theory,bankAs aFinancial intermediaries, its basic function is to convert illiquid assets into liquid assetsassets,...[detailed]

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Network insurance
Means the realization of insuranceinformation consultation Insurance planDesign, insurance, paymentunderwriting , underwriting, policy information query, insurance right change, renewal paymentsettlement of claimsAnd payment, etcInsuranceNetworking of the whole process. No matter from the concept, market or business scope, network insurance has broad space for development [detailed]

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negotiable securities

Drawer protocol
MeansbankAndenterpriseThe private agreement signed together is put in the drawer when it's okay, and no one knows except both sides of the agreement [detailed]

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Olympic concept stock
It refers to some listed companies that think they have potential and benefit from the Beijing Olympic Games. In the economic activities around the Olympic Games, there are huge business opportunities, which will provide relevant opportunities for Beijinglisted companyBring huge benefits, which brings great speculation and imagination space to the market [detailed]

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Project Gazelle

  Project Gazelle Gazelle Project)It refers to the action plan for the cultivation of scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises. "Gazelle" is an antelope that is good at jumping and running. The industry usually calls high growth small and medium-sized enterprises as“Gazelle enterprise”。 The government implemented the "Gazelle plan" to provide financial loans to science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, application for science and technology projects, listing, construction land, etcsupportAnd guidance to improve the ability of independent innovation and help enterprises develop faster [detailed]
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Financial investor

Leon Cooper man: "head of Omega consulting"

In the US hedge fund industry, Leon Cooper man enjoys the reputation of "legendary investor". Zeng YuJulian Robertson ofTiger FundGeorge SorosofQuantum FundAnd Merriwether'sLong term capital management companyIt is also known as the four major international hedge funds. > > >detailed<<<

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Investment Classics

Buffett: from $10 billion to $16 billion: one of the ten must read books for millionaires
  Buffett Since its publication two years ago, this book has been widely praised by American readers and English readers in other countries. Not surprisingly, most readers arestock marketInvestors [detailed]

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Top 2000 global listed companies


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