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Environmental protection tax
  Environmental protection taxIt's from EnglandeconomistPigou first put forward his view, which has been widely accepted by western developed countries. European and American countriesenvironment protectionpolicyGradually reduce the use of direct interventions and use them more and moreEcological taxGreen environmental protection tax, etctax categoryTo maintain the ecological environment and impose compulsory taxes on prominent "explicit pollution" such as sewage, waste gas, noise and waste. The Netherlands is a country that collects environmental protection tax earlier, which is designed for environmental protectionTax environmentProtection tax needs to be implemented urgently [detailed]

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Financial classification


Financial management tools

Kelly formula
Kelly formula is a formula that can be applied to investment funds and bets. Applied to multiple random gambling games,capitalofExpected growth rateThe highest and will never lead to a complete loss of allcapitalConsequences. It assumes that gambling can be carried out indefinitely, and there is no upper and lower limit of betting. Kelly's formula can't replace stock selection. Stock selection should be based onBuffett andFisherMethod [detailed]

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Shadow accounting
yesinsurance companyA unique speciesAccounting methodOr phenomenon. Due to the application of the accounting model of the insurance company, the realized asset gain or loss of the insurance company will affect part or all of the insuranceliabilities. related deferred acquisitioncostHave a direct impact [detailed]

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tax revenue

Tariff late fee
Failure to perform its duties within the time limit for payment of dutiestariffOf payment obligationtaxpayer, bycustomsLessonTax payableA certain proportion of money. The purpose of levying late fees is to make taxpayers who fail to pay tariffs bear new responsibilitiescurrencyMethod of payment obligation [detailed]

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Audit of taxes payable
The achievements made by the enterprise in a certain period of timebusiness incomeAnd implementedprofit, they should pay corresponding taxes to the state according to regulationsTaxes。 Taxes that should be paid to relevant departments according to certain tax basis and applicable tax rate [detailed]

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Popular entries

Family trust
It refers to the entrustment of high net worth peopleTrust institution, managing and disposing of family property on behalf of othersTrust planThe aim is to achieve the prosperity of the richWealth managementAnd the well-being of future generations [detailed]

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Financial ratio

Quick ratio
MeansQuick assetsyescurrent liabilitiesRatio of. It is a measure of enterprisecurrent assetsThe ability to be immediately realized to repay current liabilities. Quick assets includeMonetary FundShort term investmentNotes receivableAccounts receivableother receivables And so on, which can be realized in a short time [detailed]

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financial statements

Fund balance sheet
Refers to Chinese enterprisesgovernment-affiliated institutionsOr other economic organizations to comprehensively and comprehensively reflect the current situation on a certain dateFinancial situationA kind ofAccounting statements。 It is divided into "source of funds" and "occupation of funds", each with a numberproject, the recorded amount of the project comes from various accounts [detailed]

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tax category

Olympic tax
It refers to levying taxes on the bonuses obtained by Olympic athletes at the Olympic Games. It mainly includes [sponsored] by BOCOG and the International Olympic Committeeenterprisesocial organizationAnd groups, as well as Olympic venues and supporting facilities occupying cultivated land [detailed]

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