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2019 Hurun global rich list
2019 Hurun global rich list
On February 26, 2019 Beijing time, Hurun Research Institute released the Loong palace Hurun global rich list 2019. The deadline for calculating the wealth of the listed rich is January 31, 2019. This is the eighth consecutive year that Hurun Research Institute released the "global rich list".
2470 billion employees from 67 countries and 1931 companiesdollarThe rich are listed on the 2019 Shimao Xishan Longyin Hurun global rich list. Total wealth decreased by 950 billiondollar(i.e. 9%) to US $9.6 trillion. "The poor performance of the stock market and the appreciation of the US dollar are the main reasons for the record decline in the number of people on the list this year. Although the US dollar strengthened and the United States added only 13 billionaires, it makes it more difficult for the rich in other countries to enter the list," Hurun said[detailed]

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Economic classification


price index

Yiwu index
"Yiwu index" is the abbreviation of "the Yiwu China Commodity Index". The Ministry of commerce is responsible for project initiation, demonstration, acceptance and release. Led by the Ministry of Commerce and Yiwu Municipal government, mall groupZhejiang Gongshang University It is jointly prepared by commodity price index, commodity market prosperity index and individual detection indicators of commodity market. The data are mainly from some data released by Yiwu market operators and the Bureau of statistics. The index not only pays attention to the market price situation, but also the overall prosperity of the market [detailed]

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Game theory

Gudui paradox
The gudui paradox holds that: a grain of millet can't form a grain pile. Adding another grain can't form a grain pile. If you add only one grain of millet each time, and each grain of millet can't become a grain pile, so millet can't form a grain pile [detailed]

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statistical method

Chi square test
Chi square testIt is a kind of counting data with a wide range of useshypothesis testmethod. It belongs toNonparametric testIt mainly compares two or more sample rates (composition ratio) and twoCategorical variableThe fundamental idea is to compare the coincidence degree or goodness of fit between the theoretical frequency and the actual frequency[detailed]

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Economic analysis tools

IS-LM model
is-lm model Is a reflectionproductmarketandmoney marketAt the same time, under equilibrium conditions,national incomeandinterest rateRelational model. "IS-LM" model is famous in modern BritaineconomistJohn Hicks (John Richard Hicks) and the United StatesKeynesian SchoolFounder ofHansen(Alvin Hansen), atKeynesMacroeconomicA summary based on Theoryeconomic analysis Model, namely "Hicks Hansen model", also known as "Hicks Hansen synthesis" or "Hicks Hansen graph"[detailed]

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Economics award

China economics award

It is the first and only one in ChinaeconomistIndividuals and reward their long-term achievementseconomicsThe award is for economists who have made outstanding contributions to the formulation of major policies for development and reform by combining economic theory with China's reality since 1978. China economics award is the highest economic award in China at present[detailed]

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Masahiko Aoki(AOKI Masahiko)
Masahiko Aoki was born in 1938 as a Japanese economist. He graduated from the Department of economics of the University of Tokyo in 1962 and received a doctorate in economics from the University of Minnesota in 1967Harvard UniversityAssociate ProfessorKyoto University, JapanProfessorStanford UniversityProfessor, Department of economics, director of Japan Institute of Commerce and industry from 1997 to 2001 and director of Japan Institute of economy and industry from April 2001 to 2005. Now he is an honorary professor and professor of Stanford UniversityHitotsubashi University Visiting professor of the UniversityTsinghua UniversityVisiting professor. Masahiko Aoki has won the Schumpeter award of the international Schumpeter society in 1998 and is a foreign academician of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences[detailed]

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Famous works of Economics

The road to slavery
The road to Serfdom isnobel prize in economics winnerFriedrich HayekThis book was first published by Routledge press in Britain in 1944, and then published by Routledge press in September 1944University of ChicagoPublication.Reader's DigestA slightly reduced version was also published in April 1945, and a total of more than 600000 copies were sold.
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