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Anti takeover strategy
Strategy of acquisition battlefield -- anti acquisition strategy
  AcquisitionDivided intoBona fide acquisitionandHostile takeover, hostile takeover will lead to the emergence of anti takeover. Anti takeover meansTarget companyActions taken by the management to prevent or frustrate the acquirer's acquisition of the company in order to prevent the transfer of control of the company. The subject of anti takeover is the target company, and the core of anti takeover is to prevent the transfer of corporate control.

The fundamental purpose of anti takeover is to resist the takeover behavior of the acquirer, maintain the original interest pattern of the target company, and prevent the occurrence of shareholders, managers and other conflicts between the acquirer and the target companyStakeholdersThe contradiction and conflict of interests obstruct the realization of the acquisition purpose of the acquirer, grasp the control of the target company in their own hands, and prevent substantive impact on the target company.

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Management classification

management theory
Decision theoryLeadership theory...>>
management tool
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Production management
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Quality Assurance
Quality management theoryQuality management tools...>>
project management
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information management
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corporate governance
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management tool

Customer relationship diagram
Customer relationship diagram is a diagram that describes the customers related to the team and the products or services that the team can provide to these customers. By drawing a customer relationship diagram, you can show the relationship between the team and its many customers. It should be noted that the customers mentioned here not only refer to customers outside the organization where the team belongs, but also include internal customers related to the team, such as colleagues in the Department where the team members belong and colleagues in other departments [detailed]

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Model Administration Theory
Benchmarking management methodXerox USAFounded in 1979, it is the most important tool to support enterprises to continuously improve and obtain competitive advantage in enterprise management activities in modern western developed countriesmanagement styleOne is that western management scholars associate it withEnterprise reengineeringStrategic AllianceTogether, they are called the three management methods of the 1990s [detailed]

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management model

Flat Management
  Flat Management Means by reducingManagement level, reduce functional departments and institutions, reduce personnel, and makeenterpriseThe middle management level between the decision-making level and the operation level should be reduced as much as possible, so that the enterprise can quickly extend the decision-making power to the enterpriseproductionMarketingIn order to improve the efficiency of enterpriseselasticNew typemanagement model 。 It abandons the traditional pyramidEnterprise management modeMany difficult problems and contradictions [detailed]

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Management Law

250 law
The famous American salesman Joe Gillard proposed. Behind each customer, there are roughly 250 relatives and friends. If you win the favor of one customer, you win the favor of 250 people; Conversely, if you offend a customer, it means offending 250 customers [detailed]

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Management Classics



The Federal Reserve raises interest rates (Keqiang index)
Federal Reserve raises interest rateMeansFederal Reserve management boardAfter holding an interest conference in Washington, it was decided thatmonetary policyUp regulationFederal funds rateFederal ReserveIt's Americancentral bankFederal Open Market CommitteeIt is its monetary policy decision-making body. It holds 8 interest rate meetings in Washington every year to decide the adjustment direction of monetary policy [detailed]

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Management scientist

Peter M. Senge
Peter Shengji is a senior professor at the Sloan School of management of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the founder and chairman of the International Organization Learning Association (SOL). Peter Senge was born in Chicago in 1947 and in 1970Stanford UniversityAfter completing the bachelor's degree in aeronautical and space engineering, enterMITAs a graduate student, he was immediately accepted by Professor Jay Forrestersystem dynamics Attracted by the new management concept of overall dynamic collocation [detailed]

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Management Quotes


Enterprise ranking

Ranking of Fortune Global 500 in 2016

  wealthOn the evening of July 20, 2016, Beijing time, Chinanet released the latest information synchronously with the worldFortune Global 500Ranking List.Wal-MartRanked first for three consecutive years, 2015business incomeReached US $482.1 billion, a slight year-on-year decrease of 0.7%. There are 3 Chinese companies in the top 5. The operating revenue of major oil companies fell sharply due to the sharp decline in oil pricesState GridThe ranking jumped to No. 2, although its operating revenue also fell by 2.9%.PetroChinaandSinopec Followed by the third and fourth.AppleFor the first time, it entered the top 10, ranking 920. In 2015, its operating revenue soared by 27.9%, making it the only enterprise in the top 10 to achieve positive revenue growth.

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