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Famous business school

Stanford Business School
Stanford Business School
Stanford Business School andHarvard Business School It is considered the best business school in the United States. The two colleges have tied for the first place in the ranking of business schools in authoritative American magazines for many times. When it comes to Stanford Business School, people inevitably think of itcompetitorHarvard Business School 。 In terms of student numbers alone, Stanford Business School is larger thanHarvard Business School Much smaller.
Stanford Business School has 720 MBA students, andHarvard Business SchoolThere are nearly 2000 people. andHarvardThere are various training programs for enterprise management talents, ranging from two years to a few days, with up to 5000 trainees per year. Stanford has only Sloan enterprise management talent training program, which lasts for ten months and only recruits about 50 people every year. However, in terms of student quality, among the more than 730 business schools in the United States, no business school has as fierce enrollment competition as Stanford Business School. At present, Stanford is the most difficult business school in the United States, with an annual elimination rate of 93%, and the number of applicants of Stanford Business School ranks second in Wharton andHarvardAfter that, he ranked third. In recent years, 5000 to 6000 people apply to Stanford Business school every year, but only 360 lucky people get their wishes. From this perspective, Stanford Business School is the most valuable business school in the United States [detailed]

Other well-known business schools:Harvard Business School Columbia Business School


Business school classification


American Business School

Wharton School
Wharton School of business, University of Pennsylvania
  Wharton School of business, University of PennsylvaniaThe Wharton School, known as the birthplace of modern MBA, was founded in 1881. It is the first university business school in the United States and the business school with the longest history and the best academic reputation in the world. Wharton has a high reputation in various major economic professional fields, research and management education, and has always been among the best in various rankings of American business schools. Wharton has always been regarded as the most pioneeringInnovative consciousnessBusiness schools from an international perspective [detailed]
Thunderbird Business School
Michigan Business School
Simon School of business, University of Rochester
Georgia institute of Technology

Domestic business schools

Changjiang Business School
Changjiang Business School
Cheung Kong Graduate School of business was founded with the donation of Li Ka Shing (Overseas) foundation and officially approved by the stateIndependent legal personQualified non-profit educational institutions, forInternational Association for management educationAACSB)AndEuropean Management Development FoundationEFMD)He is a member of the "master of business administration awarding unit" approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council (includingEMBAandMBA), its goal is to become one of the top ten business schools in the world within ten years [detailed]
School of economics and management, Tongji University
School of management, Sun Yat sen University
School of management, Fudan University
Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce

British business school

Durham University Business School
Durham University Business School
Durham is a beautiful university city, famous for its long-standing cathedral and ancient castle. Durham is located in northeast England, near Newcastle. It takes 3 hours by train to Manchester International Airport and London, and Newcastle International Airport has flights to London, Paris and Amsterdam. Durham University is a United University composed of 12 colleges and 2 associations. It is the third university founded in England (founded in 1832) [detailed]
Birmingham Business School
London Business School
Manchester Business School
Leeds University Business School
Lancaster University School of management

Other business schools

UQ Business School
UQ Business School
The University of Queensland business school is the first business school in Australia to obtain AACSB and EQUIS certification from the world's two major business school organizations. The strength of each discipline of the college is relatively average, and it belongs to the top in Australia in finance, accounting, international trade, marketing and other directions. The school has been rated as a 5-star college by the Australian Graduate Management Curriculum Association (gmaa) for the seventh consecutive year. In 2015, the economist published the latest ranking of the world's top 100 MBA Colleges [detailed]
Nanyang Business School
Rotterdam School of management
Australian Business School
Copenhagen Business School
EMLYON Business School

MBA ranking



What is?MBA

MBA——Master of Business AdministrationMaster of Business Administration (MBA) is generally regarded as a career in business circlesAdministrationA stepping stone for class. At present, in order to open source, many schools have cooperated with world-famous university business schools to sell their productsMaster of Business AdministrationCourse. Usually, you need to have an MBAGMATQualifications [detailed]
What is?EMBA

EMBA——Executive MBAExecutive MBA, commonly referred to as an on-the-job MBA, is provided byUniversity of ChicagoInitiated by the school of management. EMBA students are generallycompanyIt is recommended to concentrate on classes in spare time, with a wide range of courses and the combination of theory and practice. Its essence is a kind of with degreein-service training, it has no influence on the promotion to the middle and higher levels of the companyMBADegreeAdministrationPeople are very meaningful [detailed]
What is?IMBA

IMBA——(International Master of Business Administration) Chinese Translation“Master of international business administration, also known as international MBA, an MBA jointly run by Chinese universities and foreign universities, is generally recruited from MBA candidates with better English scores. The IMBA class is taught in English. In addition to obtaining the degree certificate and graduation certificate of the University, it will also obtain the completion certificate of a foreign University jointly run by the University.…[detailed]

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