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Internal and external model
Internal and external matrix

It is developed on the basis of the multi factor business portfolio matrix originally proposed by GE company. The multi factor business portfolio matrix is also known as the market attractiveness business strength matrix (GE Matrix). The business strength indicates the competitiveness of the enterprise (internal factors), while the market attractiveness indicates the development status and development trend of the industry in which the enterprise is located (external factors). The IE matrix developed on the basis of GE Matrix replaces the competitiveness and industry attraction in the matrix with internal and external factors [detailed]
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Consulting classification


Consultation directory house

Oppno Management Consulting Co., Ltd
It is a management consulting company founded in New York. After its founders left McKinsey in their early years and established their financial business department in Kearney, they founded today's aupuno management consulting company. Oppuno is good at in-depth strategic research, analysis support and project management [detailed]
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Strategic management tools

Some market strategies
Some market strategies are also called dependent strategies. This strategy mainly serves specific large enterprises. Enterprises use their own engineering technology to meet the ordering requirements of specific large enterprises or parent companies, and do not carry out other technological innovation and product research and development. [detailed]
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Consulting Academy

Patent Competitive Intelligence
Patent Competitive Intelligence is carried out around patent intelligence. It refers to the legal collection, control, analysis and synthesis of patent intelligence of competitors, competitive environment and enterprises in order to win and maintain advantages in the fierce market competition[detailed]
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Career counseling

Embroidery theory
When a person's career begins or his career is at a low point, he must strive to rely on other people's "resources" and take the initiative to work for those who provide resources or only take a lower price than the market. In this process, he can complete the accumulation of his own skills, relationships, funds (or other resources) and achieve a qualitative leap in personal human capital, To achieve career success [detailed]
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Ranking of consulting companies

Ranking of top 50 consulting companies in vault in 2017

The 2009 prestige rankings of the top management and strategy consulting firms have arrived! This year's survey is based on surveys of more than 4,000 consultants.
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