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Focus person

The founder of Vanke Real estate, known as "China's first professional manager"
Wang Shi, the sunshine leader of Chinese entrepreneurs, the "Godfather" of Chinese real estate, the real estate prophet and the founder of Vanke Real estate, is known as "China's first professional manager". Wang Shi was born in January 1951 in Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province. He graduated from Lanzhou Railway College majoring in water supply and drainage. In 1983, he worked in the development company of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. In 1984, he established the "exhibition and sales center of modern scientific and educational instruments" and served as the general manager [detailed]

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Character classification



Oliver Hart - winner of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Economics

  Oliver Simon D'Arcy HartAndrew E. furer, Professor of economics at Harvard University, American economist, academician of Econometric Society, American Academy of Humanities and Sciences and British Academy of Sciences,Incomplete contract theoryOne of the founders of. He is still one of the leaders in this field [detailed]

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Management scientist

Von jonpanus
Fons Trompenaars was born in 1952. Graduated from Wharton School of business, University of Pennsylvania, he is one of the founders and advocates of cross-cultural management. He has successively opened more than 1000 cross-cultural management training courses in 18 countries. He is now the general manager of tempenas company. The company is committed to international management consulting and training services. Its customers include world-class enterprises such as Motorola, shell, Bombardier and Heineken, and has made outstanding contributions to enterprise management [detailed]

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Financial investor

Carl Icahn   
Carl Icahn is a radical investor known as the "corporate sniper". According to the latest data, his net assets have reached 14 billion US dollars, ranking 46th in the world. His name is often preceded by such shocking names as "speculator", "radical investor" and even "enterprise Predator" [detailed]

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Business leaders

Hans Rausing   
Hans lausing is the founder and current president of eklin company in Sweden. His father Ruben lausing is the founder of Tetra Pak packaging. He began his career in 1954, joined Tetra Pak packaging and worked for it for 37 years. In 1995, he left Tetra Pak packaging and invested in the establishment of aiklin company. He has obtained seven doctorates in the fields of economy, technology, medicine and natural science; He was a visiting professor at two universities in Sweden and Russia and an honorary member of five different research institutes [detailed]

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Marketing scientist

Joe Girard
Joe Girard is the greatest salesperson in the world. For 12 consecutive years, he has won the title of No. 1 in the world sales in the Guinness Book of records. His world automobile sales record: he has sold an average of 6 cars a day for 12 consecutive years, which has not been broken so far. Joe Gillard is also the most popular speaker in the world. He has taught his valuable experience to many elites of the world's top 500 enterprises. Millions of people from all over the world are moved by his speech and inspired by his deeds [detailed]

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Advertising master

Raymond Rubita
Raymond Rubicam (1892-1978) through the introduction of friends, Ogilvy once called Raymond Rubicam and asked to meet him. He replied loudly, "what do you do?" Ogilvy replied, "I want your wisdom." a few years later, he and his research director George Lepp hired Ogilvy to preside over the audio-visual Research Institute in Princeton. Rubican was very interested in Ogilvy's work and was unusually kind [detailed]

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People ranking

The 30 most influential CEOs of Barron weekly in 2016
Barron Weekly's list of the world's 30 most influential CEOs was released. The list briefly introduces the world's most influential CEOs, including those fromconsumer goodsCorporateAnheuser-Busch InBev , under armourNike, Dr Pepper Snapple group andStarbucks。 Anheuser bush, CEO of InBev, Carlos Brito, made the company through seven acquisitionsAnheuser-Busch Inbev It has become the world's largest beer producer. This time, it has acquired South Africa, the world's second-largest beer manufacturer, for more than US $100 billionHerman Miller (SABMiller)Awaiting regulatory approval.
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Celebrity Quotations

God of Japanese businessKonosuke Matsushita :

"The biggest asset of an enterprise is people"

Famous management scientistPeter Drucker:

"Employing people does not lie in how to reduce people's shortcomings, but in how to give full play to people's strengths"

Management scholarJames Collins :

"Please get on the right person and get off the wrong person"

American quality management masterWilliam Deming :

"Product quality is produced, not tested"

World's richest manBill Gates:

"Great success depends on the team, small success depends on the individual"


Rich list

Forbes Global billionaire list 2016
On March 2, 2016, this morning Beijing time, Forbes, an authoritative American financial magazine, published the list of the world's richest people in 2016.Wanda GroupchairmanWang JianlinTo 28.7 billiondollarIts assets ranked among the top 20 for the first time, ranking 18th in the world, surpassingLi Jiacheng, becoming the richest Chinese in the world. The latter slipped from 17th to 20th with a fortune of US $27.1 billion.
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