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MBA think tank EncyclopediaIt is an open encyclopedia and an encyclopedia that everyone can participate in. Its goal is to focus on the creation and sharing of knowledge in the field of economic management. Just go through the in the upper right corner of the pageCreate new account , you can participate in editing and modifying after creating the user name. The content of MBA think tank encyclopedia can be copied, modified and redistributed as long as it is also followedOur permissionNote the relevant links from MBA think tank encyclopedia and cited itemsexample。 Articles on the Encyclopedia of MBA think tanks are used to keep freedom all the time.

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If you come to MBA think tank Encyclopedia for the first time, you may feel like you have found a treasure (if so, all participants of MBA think tank encyclopedia will be honored). Some friends will be eager to copy the contents of the encyclopedia. Although it is allowed to copy and reprint in accordance with the Copyright Ordinance, we do not recommend you to do so in some ways, and some are even not allowed by us:

1. Reprint individual entries

Reprinting individual entries is allowed, but please keep the link of the corresponding entry, which is not only to abide by the encyclopedia copyright regulations and respect for the editors involved, but also to be responsible for the readers, because each entry on the encyclopedia may be updated, new content may be added or wrong content may be modified.

2. Copy and save entries for personal learning purposes

We strongly do not recommend this, mainly based on the following considerations:

  • The articles on the encyclopedia are always free. With the search function of the encyclopedia, you can easily find the items you want at any time.
  • Links to relevant items are saved in the contents of items on the encyclopedia, so that readers can easily view the link items with doubts or interests during reading. After copying into text, the link disappears, and this function is lost.
  • As mentioned in point 1, every entry in the encyclopedia may be updated, new content added or wrong content modified. Save locally, you will not be able to see the history of content updates and modifications.

3. Copy a large number of items to fill their personal website

This is prohibited by the copyright agreement between us and encyclopedia. Unless we link each item according to the reprint of individual items, we have the right to further take legal measures to protect the rights and interests of encyclopedia if necessary.

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