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matters needing attention

  • be careful!MBA think tank encyclopedia is a free and open encyclopedia. Any articles submitted will be published inGNU Free Document licenseFree release and use under the terms of, soDo not submit any copyrighted articles! SeeCopyright information
  • Before preparing to write a note, please understand it firstEditorial codeTo ensure the effectiveness of item writing.
  • If you're going to write a new entry,The first thing you should doFirst, search the existing entries in the MBA think tank encyclopedia to see if anyone has established this entry or similar entries.
You should read similar and related items first, so that you may find that you don't need to create another new item after reading, you just need to add and edit based on the existing page, or you just need to create oneRedirect page。 (seeHelp: how to edit a page

In conclusion, before creating a new entry, it is recommended that you understand:

When creating a new entry, please also pay attention to the relationship between the new entry and other existing entries, and make appropriate use of various links to form a "network" relationship between the new entry and the whole encyclopedia, rather than an "isolated entry".

Create a new page from an existing connection

To create a new page, you can start with a link from a guide on an existing page to the title of the new page.

When you read the entries of MBA think tank encyclopedia, you will find some links to the entries that have no content (such as this link:Help: Professional Manager)。 The link is directly linked to an editing page, and you can directly start editing the item without content.

Create a new page from the search page

If you search directly using the search bar, enter the name of the entry in the search box (for example:“professional manager”)However, there is no article on this topic in the MBA think tank encyclopedia. You may see such a page:

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Search entry“professional manager”, see [index]. [...]
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You can also useThis titleCreate a new entry, or [...]

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The above bold part is a link, which can lead to the editing page. Finally, you can edit the article entitled "professional manager".

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