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Honors and Awards

Newcomer Honors:Hot new editor- Excellent newcomer
Advanced Honors:Trainee editor- Assistant editor- Perform editing
Senior Honors:Assistant editor in chief- executive editor - Senior editor in chief

  • Excellent newcomers to think tanks
    • Reward those excellent newcomers who focus on writing entries at the beginning. They may edit fewer times, but they are likely to be the main force of editing many excellent entries in the future.
    • Praise those who have just joined the MBA think tank encyclopedia and can enter the situation and write excellent items in a short time.
    • Participation time:Within 7 days
    • Number of new entries:3 articles(more than 20 lines, not small works).
    • Grant method: use template on user page{{Excellent newcomer|Grant month}}, andGrant recordPublished in.

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