social formation

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Social formation


What is social form

  social formationIt refers to social economy and material foundation andSuperstructureAnd social activities. In every social form, there is oneProduction relationsDominant,regulationsTake thisSociologyofeconomic baseThe main characteristics of, the same asproductivityThe economic foundation and development strategy suited to a certain stage of developmentSuperstructureThe unity of. Including economic form, political formideology。 The category of social form isMarxist PhilosophyUnique category.

Classification of social forms

  1. Industrytype
  2. Agriculturetype
  1. democratictype
  2. autocratic
  3. publictype
  4. Elite type
  5. governmenttype
  6. Community type
  • In terms of wealth
  1. Developed type
  2. Developmental type
  • In terms of age
  1. Senile type
  2. Young type
  1. Binary type
  2. Single type
  3. Hierarchical type
  4. Primary type
  5. citytype
  6. Rural type.

To sum up, analyze onecountryThe social form of is from the following angles: political structureeconomic structureindustrial structure, urban and rural structure, regional structure, population structure, ideological structure, etc. The evolution of a country's social form is generally from development type to developed type, from autocracy type to democracy type, and from agriculture type to democracy typeIndustrial ServicesType evolution.

Replacement characteristics of social form

  1. Unity and diversity
  2. Inevitability and selectivity
  3. Forward and tortuous

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