Service Innovation

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Service Innovation


What is service innovation[1]

  Service InnovationIt refers to the transformation of new ideas and new technical means into new or improved onesservice mode

  fromEconomicsFrom the point of view, service innovation refers to the increase of tangible or intangible through non-material manufacturing means“product”Ofadded valueEconomic activities. This activity inIT industryEspecially outstanding.information technologyWith the rapid development, the homogenization level of product technology and function is higher and higherproduct quality. reduce product costproduction costsThe space for competition is becoming narrower and narrower, so service has becomeenterpriseconductmarket competition An important weapon.

  From a technical point of view, service innovation is to meet human needsdemandFor the purpose of soft technologyinnovateActivities. Such activities can be divided into activities around the material production sectorAdministrationorganization, design and other soft technology innovation activities, focusing onculture industrySocial industry promotes social and ecological progress, enriches soft technology innovation activities of spiritual life, and focuses on traditionService industryAnd narrow senseIntellectual service industrySoft technology innovation.

  From a social perspective, service innovation is to create and develop human beings themselvesvalue, improve and perfect the quality of life and improve the social ecological environment. Therefore, service innovation ensures people's spiritual and psychological health and gets a sense of satisfaction and achievement by meeting material, spiritual and psychological needs and providing the ability to solve problems. Traditional technology has always excluded the "human heart". With the improvement of material civilization, people care more about the feeling of life (vision, hearing, taste, smell, touch and intuition), and hope that their mood, emotion, emotion, ethics and human dignity will be respected. This requires that future technologies should not simply emphasize "efficiency first" and "benefit first", but also research and develop technologies that sacrifice a little efficiency to make our living and working environment easier, more comfortable and convenient, and respect people's emotions, feelings and morality. That is, pay attention to the technology of human "heart". On the contrary, people's understanding of human's own value and ability is far from enough. These factors are the driving force to "soften" many hard technologies, rightManufacturing serviceThe driving force is to improve soft technologyadded valueTherefore, it is an important topic of service innovation. HereSocial service industryandCultural service industryIt is particularly obvious in the innovation of.

  From the perspective of methodology, service innovation refers to the development of all new methods and approaches conducive to creating added value. This approach can be divided into soft technology innovation activities focusing on the management, organization and design of material production departments, cultural entertainment, sports, media and other rich spiritual life skills focusing on cultural industry and social industryTraditional service industryAnd the innovation of soft technology in the narrow intellectual service industry. That is, service innovation refers to the invention, creation or development and application of new service methods, service approaches, service objectsservice market Activities.

Types of service innovation

① According to the field or scope of service

First, pressindustryDepartments are divided intoprimary industrythe secondary industryas well asthe service sector; the tertiary industryService innovation of service; Or by industry sector, ifbuilding materialService innovation of, electronics, chemical and other departments.

Second, service innovation is divided into domestic and foreign services by region; Service innovation serving all regions; Service innovation for provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and counties, towns and villages.

② According to different service purposes

It is mainly divided into productive service innovation, life service innovation and developmental service innovation.

Ideas of service innovation[2]

Service innovation should grasp the following aspects

  1. Focus onCustomer expectationOn the grasp of

staycompetitorClusteredmarketIt is not necessary to easily change the product itself, but should focus on grasping the expectations of customers and listen carefullycustomerGenerally, 80% of the service concepts come from customers.

  2. Be kind to customers' complaints

Customer complaints often indicate that the service is defective or the service mode should be improved, which is the opportunity of service innovation. All complaints from customers shall be properly handled immediately and try to improve. It is the basic strategy of service innovation to skillfully solve customers' problems with patience and care.

  3. The service should haveelastic

The service target is quite wide, with different expectations and expectationsneedTherefore, good service needs to maintain a kind of flexibility. Service has many things that are difficult to measure. Blindly pursuing accuracy is not only difficult to achieve, but easy to bind themselves.

  4. Employees are more important than rules

Innovation is to break a pattern to create a new pattern. The most effective strategy is to challenge the existing rules. The theme of the challenge is people. In general, customer servicequalityThe evaluation of quality is based on their experience in dealing with service personnel.

  5. Speculate and innovate with an advanced vision

Service is driven by customers. When people's living standard is lower than or equal to the survival line, their demand model is relatively unified. With the increase of wealth,consumer demandFrom low level to high level, from simple and stable to complex and changeable. This diversification of consumer demand means that people'svaluesEvolution.

  6. The product design and reflected services should be combined with the establishment of a package service system

  Product innovationStart from design, and service starts from design. To embody service in products, we must reflect customers' needs in product design. Reflecting service in product design is a proactive innovation strategy. To makeCustomer satisfaction, enterprises must establish a pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service system, and constantly update the service items in the system. The quality of service is a dynamic variable. Only by constantly updating can it maintain its quality. Pre sales consultation, in-sales guidance and after-salestrainAnd other contents will change their nature over time. The original part of the service is absorbed by the product, and the innovative part is the service. Therefore, if enterprises do not innovate, there will be no service.

  7. Combine "responsive" with proactive service

Different enterprises have different understanding of services. Among them, many enterprises define service too narrowly. Catering enterprises' understanding of service may be smiling; Equipment sales enterprises may understand service as“guarantee”;bankYou may think that service is fast and there is no mistake;commodityRetail enterpriseMay think that service isstockSufficient and free delivery. These understandings only limit the service to the scope of "responding to every request", and are satisfied with passively adapting to the requirements of customers. If an enterprise wants to win in the competition, it is not enough to only "respond to every request". It should constantly innovate services, from passive adaptation to active concern and active exploration of customer expectations. such asInternational Business Machines CorporationThink,companyThe development of the company is driven by customers and the market. It advocates leaving everything of the company to customers. Although many companies' products are technically superior to IBM and their software is easy to use, only IBM is willing to make efforts to understand the needs of customers. They repeatedly and carefully understand the business needs of customers, so customers are willing to choose IBM products. It can be seen that an enterprise is doomed to be rejected if it does not actively explore what services customers need, or just meets the standards without innovationconsumerAbandoned.

  8. Combine the purpose of unconditional service with the strategy of reasonably restricting customer expectations

Enterprises spare no effort to meet the needs of customers and serve customers unconditionally is the basic principle to achieve the first-class service level. But it must be flexible in strategy. It is often necessary to reasonably constrain customer expectations. Customers' evaluation of service quality is easily affected by their preconceived expectations. When their expectations exceed the service level provided by the enterprise, they will be dissatisfied; But when the service level exceeds their expectations, they will be very satisfied. Enterprises need to be strictcontroladvertisementandsalesmanCustomer satisfactionpromiseIn order to avoid high expectations from customers. In the actual service, it should exceed the customer's expectations as much as possible. Correctly handling the relationship between unconditional service and reasonable constraint is a challenge for enterprises in service innovation.

  9. Integrate enterprise hardware construction withcorporate cultureCombine

The application of modern technology in the service industry is beneficial to enterprisesinfrastructureConduct large-scaleinvestment, it can not only greatly expand the types of services and improve service efficiency, but also bring significant benefitscompetitive edge

Misunderstanding of Enterprise Service Innovation[2]

  1. Get out of the misunderstanding of alienation of service concept

Although we have said goodbyeShortage economyThe era has enteredBuyer's marketEra, but the era of shortage economy is rightCommodity qualityOur concern has become athinkingInertia has been brought to the era of buyer's market. Businesses can handle quality complaints in time and provide thoughtful maintenance services, which has become an old topic for the media to praise a manufacturer for its good service. Under the misleading of public opinion, consumers' understanding of service has stepped into a misunderstanding, taking "after-sales maintenance" as the only or main content of service. Some powerful manufacturers do not make efforts to improve product quality, but make efforts on how to ensure after-sales maintenance service, and call it "playing service card", so the concept of service has been alienated and left its original meaning. In any case, byqualityIn essence, the maintenance caused by the problem is not "service", but "interference". Although we can not completely eliminate this "maintenance", it is neither the real service required by consumers nor the correct service direction pursued by manufacturers. Therefore, service innovation should get out of this misunderstanding and establish the concept of "big service".

  2. Get out of the misunderstanding of providing services only for customers

It is the employees of the enterprise who provide services to customers, and high-quality service comes from the employees' respect for customers and appropriate servicePersonalized serviceAnd other factors. For enterprises, forInternal customersprovideHigh quality serviceIt is the basis for employees to provide high-quality services to customers and make them comfortable and satisfied, so that they are more likely to provide high-quality services to customers. High quality service can improve the quality of customers' feelingsConsumption valueAnd satisfaction, increase the possibility of turning back, and win customers. Nowadays, it is not enough for enterprises to unilaterally emphasize that employees provide high-quality services for customers. Employees are the owner of the enterprise and the most valuable asset of the enterpriseassets, is the internal customer of the enterprise. Providing high-quality service for internal employees can improve the quality of employeesService consciousness, attitude, knowledge and skills, which correspondingly improve the quality of customers' feelingsService qualityAnd improve the market reputation and competitiveness of the enterpriseeconomic performance

Examples of service innovation[3]

Service innovation can be large or small. No matter big innovation or small innovation, as long as it can bring a unique and novel experience recognized by consumers, it is valuable and becomeCompetitive advantage of enterprises

Just after serving tea at a restaurant, the waiter will carefully take out a pile of plastic bags. When the guests were wondering, the waiter thoughtfully packed each guest's mobile phone in a plastic bag: "so that it won't be drenched by the water leaked from the teapot". A small gesture and a warm explanation made the guests suddenly realize that they could not help being impressed by the restaurant owner's intelligence and consideration, so they remembered the restaurant. Even better, it's just a small plastic bag, batchpurchaseIf so, it is only a few cents, which not only keeps the customer's heart, but also fundamentally eliminates the disputes that may be caused by the waiter's carelessness. This money is worth it!

  CNNBefore its establishment, the three major television networks in the United States——CBSCBS)、National Broadcasting CorporationNBC)Andabc(ABC) - almostMONOPOLYThe whole American TV program market. "By 1980, according toGallup pollIt is found that two thirds of people in the United States believe that television (especially the three major television networks) is the source of most or even all news and information.[4]”At that time, the "three major" had become a marketOligopolyAs a news communication enterprise, the social responsibility in news communication and the demand of information audience for news timeliness and authenticity are gradually ignored. In this situation, the information audience is forced to accept the industry practice formed by the "three" that is "news".

Turner is aware of this "industry practice" that affects the interests of information audiences, and is determined to break this practice and set up a 24-hour real-time rolling news station. Turner with superbnegotiationSkill, firm determination and innovativemanagement model , it took more than a year to prepare for the launch of CNN on June 1, 1980, at a cost of only 20 milliondollar。 At that time, the industry generally believed that pure news stations had no advertising value, and the preparation for broadcasting would cost $40 to $60 million anyway. As a result, as soon as CNN started broadcasting, it made it possible to watch news with in-depth and fast news satellite liveaudienceIt was refreshing and warmly sought after, especially the Iraq war that broke out later, which made CNN's fast and true display incisively and vividly, and made CNN another TV giant after the "big three".

One is the small innovation of "one plastic bag"Customer loyalty , one is a major innovation of $20 million to break a new oneNiche marketHowever, both have one thing in common: innovative behavior brings different unprecedented novelty and happy experiences to customers.


Service innovation comes from the deep excavation and cognition of customer experience;

Service innovation should focus on customersExperience valuePromotion of;

The promotion of value by service innovation will further affect industrial behavior, and then upgrade intoIndustrial Innovation


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