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What is an open business model

  Open business modelnamelyenterpriseTo maximizecommercial value , break organizational boundaries and integrateEnterprise stakeholdersAll knowledge and resources (creativity, technology, etc.) of the enterprise can enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise through the coupling of internal and external resourcesValue creationAnd interests of a business model.

Open business model classification

In reality, the openness of different enterprise business models is different. Based on the research of Chesbrough and others, according to the different degree of sharing and integrating external resources in the process of value creation, the open business model can be divided into four models: closed, shared, absorbed and open business models. The differences and connections between the four business models (as shown in Figure 1).

Image: classification diagram of open business model png

  China MobileIt is a typical representative of shared business model. It can make full use of various resources within the enterprise and develop a variety of businesses to make profits, but its business can not be connected with the needs of customers. From the experience of foreign countries, it fits closely with the needs of usersMobile searchElectronic CommerceSNS, mobile advertising and other businesses will become the source of future profits.Mets bonwayofVirtual operationThe model provides a new business model for the development and growth of Chinese garment enterprises. Just as its advertising slogan "take an unusual road", it has walked out of an unusual road. Its own resources are very limited, but through the integration of external resources and the outsourcing of production, marketing and sales, the enterprise has made great profits and realized value.

Different from China Mobile and Metersbonwe, openbusiness modelEnterprises are very active in sharing internal resources and integrating external resources. On the one hand, they rely on the integration of external third-party resources to enhance their competitivenessinnovation abilityandcompetitive powerOn the other hand, actively share their underutilized resources with other enterprises to obtain additional income. As the world's largestSearch EnginesCompany,GoogleIt has always regarded "integrating global information so that everyone can access and benefit from it" as its goalValue propositionAnd mission statement. Under the guidance of this idea, Google's various plans are permeated with the concept of openness. Google through related bookstoresretailerAnd support variouse-bookForm of network companies to carry out alliances, integrate and utilize resources, and makeconsumerNot limited by equipment, software, operating system and retailersinternetYou can buy the books you want anywhere in the world. Through its open business model, Google has effectively avoidedVertical integrationIn the model, consumers are limited to one equipment and one bookstore, which opens up a new way for the development of E-book Industry.


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