From the Li Ziqi incident to see the game between wanghong and MCN institutions

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In more than three months of Li Ziqi's break, the story about her and Hangzhou weinian was written repeatedly.

Recently, a complaint has opened a corner of the fog.

Li Ziqi made a micro reading of her HangzhoubossLiu Tongming took the case to court. The two sides have gone from mutual achievements to court.

Recently, a classmate asked me what I think of it.

— 1 —

Li ziqiheMCNThe story of the agency,actuallyAlsoInternet celebrityAnd MCN institutionsplay a game

However, to understand the relationship between wanghong and MCN organization, you must first understand the MCN organizationbusiness model

MCN agency is actually an artist agentcompanyThere are also some defects.

This defect is that the power of netred and MCN institutions is not equal. And this model is easy to put those who once worked together against each other.

Therefore, under this mode, there will be a two-stage game between netred and MCN institutions.

The game in the first stage is actually a game of great disparity in strength.

The relationship between wanghong and MCN institutions is like that between artists and brokerage companies. Wanghong can onlyacceptArrangement of MCN organization.

For example, MCN will recruit a group of qualified plain people, or there are already somepopularityNet red. Then match them with the correspondingresources, help them create personal settings and output content stably.

Because the power balance between the two sides is quite different. Therefore, at this stage, the game between wanghong and MCN institutions, MCN institutions have the absolute right to speak, but wanghong doesn'tnegotiationChips.

What kind of result will this lead to?

That is, MCN institutions may sign some harsh terms with these online celebrities to be incubated.

For example, usually only take very lowbase pay。 For example,incomeShare,MCNInstitutions take the big head,Internet celebrityOnly a small part can be taken.

For example, as I mentioned earlier“CashierClause ".

what do you mean? namelymarketTo preventsalespersonsellPublicofproduct, to get into a private pocket, all money must be paid at a unified cashier. Otherwise, heavy punishment will be imposed.

In order to prevent the strong popularity of the Internet, MCN institutions take orders and collect money by themselves and bypass themcompany, it will also require all cooperation to be credited to the company, and thenredistribution。 Otherwise, heavy punishment will be imposed. This is the cashier clause.

For example, "redemption clause".

MCN signed a contract with netred when netred was not famoustreaty, if one day you become famous and want to work alone, you have to pay a high priceLiquidated damages

In the face of these "unequal" treaties, in the firstplay a gameAt this stage, wanghong has no bargaining chips, so even if she refuses in her heart, she will acquiesce in this kind of treaty.

Not at firstresourcesandteam, it can be hard to go far alone.

consciousnessAt this pointInternet celebrity, regard the big head allocated to MCN as "upbringing fee" and the liquidated damages as "ransom fee". Parenting fees and ransom fees are all famousmarketGuidance price.

This model is like a gambling stone, just like the training of artists by brokerage companies.

MCN mechanism uses relatively lowcost, buy a batch of stones and break them one by one. Those stones that are still stones after breaking will be thrown aside. Those stones with real gems will be rented at a high price or even sold through direct auction.

What would you think if you were those stones that were thrown aside? You may feel that you have been deliberately suppressed and buried. This possibility does exist.

But more likely, youactuallyIs a stone in a stone. You will resent the brokerage company, but because there is noeffect, so throwing it in the water can't stir up big waves.

But what if you're a glittering gem? Still willingacceptThe same treatment?

— 2 —

Therefore, the short-term balance formed after the first stage of the game will be broken with the change of the balance of power between the two sides.Internet celebrityandMCNInstitutions may start the second stage of the game.

what do you mean?

It was in the first stageplay a gameBecause of the great disparity in strength between the two sides. Therefore, when signing the terms, the powerful party may force the other party to make concessions. However, because this concession is under the pressure of one party and the other, the contradiction between them is only suppressed and not dredged.

Slowly, among the many online celebrities incubated by MCN institutions, a small number of people may begin to be concerned and have a certain influence. Among them, there may be one or two people who stand out and grow into net red in the headcommercial value Will also improve.

At this time, the number of fansIPEffect and commercial value will become chips in their hands. With chips, look at the "inequality" in your handtreaty, you have the confidence to resist.

At this time, the contradiction that has been suppressed for a long time is likely to break out. Start a new round of game.

In this game, because the voice of wanghong has increased to a certain extent, I want to rely onborrowOwn influence, challengecompanyA relatively fair result is obtained.

The second stage of the game may have several results.

The game between the two forces led to the breakdown of cooperation. Once the cooperation breaks down, major disputes will occur.

The final result may be the termination of the contract between wanghong and MCN institutions, one shot and two scattered, and no one will interfere with anyone.

yesMCNBody, and headInternet celebrityTermination is equivalent to losing the coreincomeSource, it will hurt your strength.

For netred, leaving the platform is even matureteam, another huge amount of compensationLiquidated damages, starting a new stove will also hurt your muscles and bones.

What should I do? Maybe you can refer to itMckinsey ofPartner system

useform a partnershipHumansystem, cooperate deeply with wanghong to make the cake bigger and take half when it is full.

If it is a net red hatching from zero, the permissions andprofitAre very limited. When the power balance between the two sides changes, MCN institutions reach a new balance with netred by actively giving up part of the benefits.

famousConsulting companyMcKinsey, through the partnership system, because withstaffabilityPromotion, many people want to go out and work alone.

This means that McKinsey has worked hard to cultivatepersonnel, he is likely to be his opponent.

How did McKinsey do it? They established the partnership system early in the morning and took the initiative tocompanysharesGive upConsultant, make consultants partners.

When the consultant's ability is improved, the company will reach a new balance with the consultant whose strength ratio has changed by actively giving up part of the income. Consultants work together to make the cake bigger and take half of it.

But, however, netred and MCN institutionsplay a game, the actual situation encountered may be much more complex than what we see.

They have to sort outlawOnemotionWe should also deal with internal contradictions that outsiders do not know.

Last words

We said,Internet celebrityandMCNInstitutions generally go through two stages of game.

In the first stage, there was a great disparity in the power comparison between the two sides, and online celebrities could only chooseacceptIt may not be so "fair"treaty

The second stage, with the popularity of the InternetpopularityThe power balance between the two sides has changed. At this time, wanghong has more chips to play games with MCN institutions.

The game between wanghong and MCN institutions is alsocapitalGame with talents. Is the company capital or talent. AlwaysManagementA controversial topic in the world.

industrializationTimes, because to buyworkshop, buyAssembly line, buyraw materialwaitMeans of productionSo capital seems to be more important. even to the extent thatpersonnel, it is only a special form of means of production purchased by capital.

However, with the continuous development, it is time toInformation Age, especiallyInternet Age, inValue creationIn, talents are becoming more and more importantdecisionSexual factors.

The game between capital and talents is constantly leaning towards talents.Partner system, it is this kind of inclined productionmatter

However, on practical issues, whether the tool of "partnership system" is good or not will vary from person to person and from matter to matter.


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