The legend of Jay Chou's concept stock superstar was listed in Hong Kong. Is there really a play for the superstar blessed by the king of Zhou?

Recently, incapital marketYes, there is onecompanyoflistIt has attracted public attention. This is Jay ChouConcept stockIt's time to go public in Hong Kong. For many post-80s and post-90s generation, Jay Chou is an eternal legend. What do we think of the listing of this company deeply bound to Jay Chou? Can the legend of a superstar blessed by the king of Zhou make great strides in the capital market? What should we think of this company?

1、 Jay Chou concept stock legend listed in Hong Kong?

According to, recently, superstar Legend Grouplimited company(hereinafter referred to as "superstar legend")Hong Kong Stock ExchangesubmitProspectus, ready to be listed in Hong Kong. civilsilvercapitalFor exclusivesponsor

Superstar legend was founded in 2017, focusing onNew retailandIPCreation andoperate, through variouschannelsaleHealth managementproductAnd skin care products. The main products include magic carcass bulletproof coffee andskin care products。 In 2020, according to burning knowledgeAdvisory report, it's Chinese bulletproofDrinksmarketThe largest company,market share40.6%. Bulletproof beverage is a kind of beverage with high fat and sufficient protein, which is specially designed for low-carbon hydrationmatterdietplanAnd designed to meet the planned fat / energy requirementsVolume ratio

Superstar legendincomeMainly from new retail business and IP creation and operation business. The new retail business includes three revenue sources of magic carcass bulletproof coffee, Daren Yueji skin care series and other products. The IP creation and operation business includesevent planningAnd IP programs and license fees and sales of cultural and creative products. After June 30, 2021, magic carcass soda, magic carcass pastry and magic carcass konjac snail powder will be launched, which is expected to be officially launched in the last quarter of 2021distribution

According to the legend itself, it focuses on using all kinds of resourcesSocial E-commerceThe channel is centered on the unique star IPPrivate domain traffic, passdistributoranddistributorTo promote products.

The legend of superstar is highly bound to Jay Chou and is the of Jay Chou's many large-scale concertsSubcontractor, planners and / orinvestorIncluding Jay Chou's 25 in China in 2017 and 2018cityWorld Tour Concert, a concert in Zhanjiang in 2019 and a concert in Ningbo in 2020; Jay Chou's reality show, travel notes of Zhou, is the main creator and owns its IP; In August 2019, we entered into a cooperation agreement with Javier music to jointly develop and own classmate Zhoutrademark……

According to ChinafundAccording to the newspaper,ProspectusIt shows that the revenue of superstar legend in 2018, 2019 and 2020 was 94.68 million yuan, 86.58 million yuan and 457 million yuan respectively. In the first half of 2021, the revenue was 166 million yuan, down 46.8% from 312 million yuan in the same period of last year. In 2018, 2019 and 2020companyprofit8.8 million yuan, 22.7 million yuan and 75.6 million yuan respectively,Compound annual growth rateAbout 193.1%. The profit of superstar legend in the first half of 2021 was 8.29 million yuan, down 87.4% from 65.8 million yuan in the same period last year.

Jay Chou does not directly hold the legend of superstarssharesHowever, Jay Chou's mother Ye Huimei is regarded as a companyHoldingeastConcerted action personFang Wenshan, a famous song lyricist, is the companyChief Cultural Officer, responsible for the groupproductofMarketingpropagandaandoriginalityStrategic planning

2、 Is there really a play in the legend of Zhou Tianwang's blessing?

See superstar legend to applylist, it is a very important thing for most Jay Chou fans. After all, it ismarketThe first Jay ChouConcept stock, it is needless to say that everyone loves Jay Chou, but is there really a play in the legend of a superstar blessed by the king of Zhou?

First of all, as Jay Chou's concept stock, legend is listedshouldNo problem. We can see that as a Jay Chou concept stock, it should not be a problem to be listed. We bind Jay Chou's performance and performance from the height of the legendIPLook, Jay ChouborrowGive your own IP with your own appealoperateThe company's blessing should not be a problem. After all, for the vast majority of the post-80s and post-90s in the current marketinvestorGenerally speaking, Jay Chou is almost the eternal God of everyone's childhood, no matter Jay Chou'seffect, or Jay Chou's emotional appeal is enough to drive a company to go public. In June last year, Jay Chou released his latest single "mojito". The sales volume of the new song exceeded 1 million within one hour of its launch, and 1.84 million copies were sold at 8 a.m. as of 10 a.m. on June 12, the total has been accumulatedsales volumeMore than 2.5 million copies, which also makes Jay Chou aQQMusic is the first and only one with the fastest breakthrough of 2 millionmake an appointmentA famous singer. This appeal is very important for a company with Jay Chou as a deep bindinglisted companyFor example, Jay Chou's personal traffic is enough to support the companycompanyThe journey of listing, so Jay Chou's concept stocks don't seem to be a big problem.

Secondly, it is normal for stars to participate in the listing of companies. In recent years, with the development of the market,actuallyBecome a fan after the star develops to a certain stageFlow realizationas well asCapitalizationIt has almost become the common choice of most stars. Let's not say how many stars participatedsell goods through livestreamingHow many famous stars have joined the ranksInternet enterprise, even capitalization has almost become a norm. In fact, for stars, their ownprime timeIn fact, the period is not long. If you can't do it at your peakcapitalOnce you lose the love of your fans, you are likely to fall from the peak quickly, and eventually even the life of normal people is difficult to achieve. Under such circumstances, the participation of stars in listed companies will undoubtedly become the revitalization of starsassets, it is an inevitable means to realize the influence, fan flow and capital realization. As the king of music, it is also logical for Jay Chou to do so.

Third, the legend of superstarslistofriskIt is also unavoidable. Although many of us are loyal fans of Jay Chou, fromreasonobjectivecapital marketFrom the perspective of, the listing risk of superstar legend can not be avoided:

First, Jay Chou's binding is too deep. We've actually said repeatedly before that oneenterpriseIf and starsentrepreneurThe binding is too deep. Once the star entrepreneur has a problem or is gone, the enterprise will fall into a huge crisiscrisis, this deep binding starcompanySimilarly, once there is a star's own risk, it is likely to turn intoenterprise operation Risk.

Second, the legend of superstarsbusiness modelUnsustainable risk. For superstar legends, the mainprofitThe source is Jay ChourelevantPeriphery ofcommodityFor example, bulletproof coffee and so on, but I have to say that such a business model consumes the feelings of stars all the timeconsumerNo longer willing to pay for feelings, its ownproductIt will be difficult to havemarketofbusinessAdvantages, it will be possible to be eliminated by the market in a short time. Such a business model always has unsustainable risks.

Third, fromPrivate domain trafficreachCommercial profitofThrilling jumpactuallyFor stars, the biggest problem is the jump from private domain traffic to commercial profits. Many people are willing to pay for Stars' performances and works, but are not willing to pay for their commercial products. How can private domain traffic be transformed into profits without difference? For any starIPoperateIt is an unavoidable topic for the company. In Jay Chou's peak era, this problem exists, and now it is more obvious. picture

Legendary superstarlistIt can be said to be Jay ChouConcept stockTry, but how much can feelings be worthinvestorHow long will it take? These are all questions that superstar legends must answer.

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