With a valuation of 20 billion yuan and more than 10000 stores, can the honey snow ice city rush to the market really be called the king of tea?

If asked about the recent period of time, teamarketIn the end, what is the most worthy of market attention, then the honey Snow Ice City sprintlistofnewsNo doubt it must be on the list. As a familyaverage priceThe price is 8 yuan, with 10000 storesInternet celebrityMilk tea shop, honey Snow Ice City sprint listing, what should we think? Honey snow ice city can really be inA sharesIs it the king?

1、 Milk tea industryPinduoduoHoney Snow Ice City sprint listed?

According to Beijing Qingannual reportAccording to the report of HenanSecurities Regulatory CommissionThe Bureau disclosed that honey Snow Ice Citylimited companyProposed in A-share marketIPO listing, in progressacceptGuangfanegotiable securitiesOn itListing counseling, which has been put on record in the Bureau recently. This means that the long rumored listing of honey snow ice city has been officially confirmed.

And before, honey snow ice city attracted the most attentionshouldIt's the magic brainwashing song "you love me, I love you, honey Snow Ice City, sweet honey..."borrowMany people can sing the enchanted melody as long as they listen to it once. With the brainwashing Divine Song, honey snow ice city has become the most powerful "new top stream" in the milk tea industry this year. In this case, the listing of honey snow ice city undoubtedly attracts more attention.

according toShanghai Securities NewsAccording to the report, the data show that the honey snow ice city was founded in Zhengzhou, Henan Province in 1997. It is a city dominated by fresh ice cream and teaNational chaindrinkbrand

People who are familiar with miyue ice city know that compared with the tea brands of "Xi tea" and "Naixue's tea", which are often 30 or 40 yuan, theirsignnatureproductIt is 3 yuan ice cream, 4 yuan lemonade and 8 yuan milk tea, which can easily realize "milk tea freedom". Therefore, honey snow ice city is also known as the "pinduoduo" in the milk tea industry.

People friendlypricing strategy Let it be youngConsumer groupsAnd threeFourth tier citiesQuite popular. According to the official website of honey Snow Ice City, by the end of June 2020, honey snow ice city covered 31 provinces and cities in China and Southeast Asiacountry, the number of stores exceeded 10000, making it the first tea beverage store in China with more than 10000 storesenterprise

According to CNRdata, at the beginning of 2021, there arenewsSaid that the snow ice city obtainedMeituanLongzhu andHillhouse capitalHeadedcapital2 billion yuan from institutionsfinancingmarketThe valuation is expected to rise to 20 billion yuanRMB。 Founder brothers Zhang Hongchao and Zhang Hongfu hold shares in miyue ice city respectivelyproportion47.71% and 47.5975%. Hillhouse capital, meituan Longzhu andCITICIndustry fundonceinvestmentI've been to honey Snow Ice City, but according to the enterprise investigationinformationIt shows that they all withdrew on April 24, 2021, and the shareholding ratios of the above institutions were 4%, 4% and 2% respectively.

So, facing the sprint of honey Snow Ice Citylist, what should we think? Honey snow ice city can realizeA sharesA breakthrough in the first share of new tea? constantlyBroken circleCan our milk tea rookie be herecapital marketCreate your own glory?

2、 Can honey Snow Ice City copy the "Snow King" to a shares?

It is not surprising for most people to see the sprint listing of honey snow ice city. Since this year, milk teabrandFrom the listing of Naixue tea at the beginning of the year, to the sprint of 100 courses of tea, and now to the listing of honey Snow Ice City, the capital market layout of this series of tea enterprises has been passing a message to the marketsignal, this is teaEnterprise developmentIt has gradually arrived todayneedWhen it went public. So, how should we look at the listing of honey snow ice city?

First of all, honey snow ice city does have a foundation for listing.

Although honey snow ice city is not as out of the circle as Xi tea and Naixue tea, after these years of development, honey snow ice city has gradually formed its ownuserSystem, on the one hand, the country covers almost every countySinking MarketCoverage, let a lot ofconsumerThe first cup of milk tea you may contact is honey Snow Ice City, although milk teaqualityNot necessarily as good as Xicha, but the price of 8 yuan per capita is enough“A slap in the face”Conquer those young people who want to drink milk tea but are not well-off. It can be said that the threshold of milk tea has been lowered to a low enough level. A cup of better sparkling waterPriceYou can drink a cup of milk teaDriving”? On the other hand, honey Snow Ice CityborrowHelp belong to their own independent centerfactoryresearch and developmentCenter andWarehousing logisticsCenter. Among them, honey Snow Ice Citylimited companyleadingAdministrationoperate, riverNanjing UniversityCoffeefoodlimited companyLeading R & Dproduction, Zhengzhou BaodaoCommerce and tradeLtd. provides warehousing and logisticsservice, a complete set of business expansion ecology has been formed. Among this ecosystem, honey snow ice city is the most importantAsset light operationofenterprise, there is no need for expensive storescostAnd manpowerexpenditure, honey Snow Ice CityBusiness modelEnough to make yourself invincible, so honey Snow Ice CitylistIt also seems very consistentjoint venturebookmarketThe story line.

Secondly, honey snow ice city has formed its ownDifferentiated competitive advantage

Before weactuallyAs I have repeatedly said, in the current situationconsumptionIn the market, the real success is not high-endbrandBut enough market advantagecost performanceproduct, no matter what market it is, "Zhenxiang law" will always be an important driving force for consumers, just as the most profitable one in the world is notLVHermesButUniqloSimilarly, let's take a look at honey snow ice citybusiness modelYou'll find that according toShanghai Securities NewsAccording to the report, at present, honey snow ice city is in the provincial capitalcityofFranchise feeIt is 11000 yuan / year, 9000 yuan / year in prefecture level cities and 7000 yuan / year in county-level cities. If the franchise fee is 9000 yuan / year,Franchise feeOr bring nearly 100 million yuan to honey snow ice cityincome。 It can be said that honey snow ice city has begun to put its own businessRisk Shifting Give it to franchisees instead of yourself, plus a low enough pricePrice, Michelle ice city has formed a set of strategies to make its competitors "unable to learn", which is the biggest embodiment of its differentiated competitive advantage.

Third, the problem of honey snow ice city is the sameneedAttention.

Listing for such as honey Snow Ice CitycompanyIn fact, it's not a problem. The problem is the potential of honey snow ice cityriskBut it can't be ignored. After all, Naixue's tea is on the marketBreakThe precedent is before us, so we have to pay attention to the risk of honeysnow Ice City:

First, there is no threshold for the tea marketmarketIt can be said that there is no threshold for drinking tea than coffee shops. The advantages of honey snow ice city can be summarized as cost-effective and centralizedsupplyEcology and downstreamcontrolThere are three aspects of the system, but also for those who want to replicate honey Snow Ice City, as long as they have the heartDifferentiated competitive advantageThe threshold is much higher thanimagineSmall and medium-sized enterprises, plus a little strong existing in itself, coco, like tea, tea Baidao, Naixue's tea, etccompetitor, honey Snow Ice CityCrimson SeaPosition cannot be avoided.

Second, the stubborn disease of the franchise system itself is difficult to avoid. For a tea drink that started with the franchise systementerpriseFor example,Franchise storeThe problem isEnterprise developmentA persistent disease at a certain stage, such as beforemediaReport on many honey snow ice citiesFood SafetyThe incident doesn't mean that Michelle ice city doesn't want to goAdministrationFood safety of franchise enterprises, but under the franchise system, each franchise store has its owntarget, often forshort-termofprofitAnd diedbrandofinterest, this is the most important problem to be solved in snow city.

Third, how should the future development of honey snow ice city go?actuallyJust asPinduoduoTo enter the Fifth Ring Road, how to realize the development of honey snow ice city at this stageSinking MarketFurther development has become the biggest problem,cost performanceIs the reason for the success of honey Snow Ice City, but how can we make it bigcityofconsumerSimilarly, I agree that honey snow ice city is also a problem, and so is the problem of entering the Fifth Ring Roadneedsolve.

It can be said that honey Snow Ice CitylistThere seems to be no big obstacle, but honey snow ice cityriskBut startfinal valueIt needs our attention.

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