"Never talk about money with people who don't have a pattern."

Those who go for money often can't make money.

Money is just a passing result.

In other words, behind the pattern is money.

And we should never talk about money with people without a pattern.

1. Onceactivity

Once, onebusinessThe organization held an activity and invited me to do onespeech

I putcostThe offer was sent to him. However, he said to me: sorry, this is our first time“public benefit activities”, so I'd like you to tell it for free.

I don't understand.

I said: you are clearly a business organization, and you are also interested in this activityuserSelling tickets is not cheap. alsosponsor。 This is clearly a war“Business activities”, why "public welfare"?

He said: Although we charge fees, we also have themsponsor, but it doesn't make money.

This statement is a misunderstanding of public welfare and even a deliberate distortion.

If a business activity does not make money is public welfare, thenAppleThe press conference is a public service speech;Procter & Gambleoftelevision advertisingIs the public welfare short film; AllClose downofStart a businesscompanyAllPublic welfare organization

Whether it is public welfare or not has little to do with whether you make money or not. The key depends on whether you donate your own moneyresources, help yourselfinterestIrrelevantpublic

He even said to me: you see, there is someone who will come to this event and give a speech with you. Come and talk about it for free.

I answered him: I'm sorry. I don't think so about public welfare activitiesdefinitionof I don't do free things either.

The essence of business istransaction

The essence of transaction isvalueofexchange

The principle of value exchange is win-win.

If I want to cooperate with others, I try to ask myself to prepare the best content, arrive at the venue in advance, and consult my partners in the best statetrainspeech

If others are not willing to cooperate with me, it must be my problem. My value is not enough. Please allow me to continue my efforts. One day I can meet your needsdemandWe'll work together again when necessary.

However, if others want to cooperate with me, it is not a win-win value exchange, but simply ask for it, I don't have it for the time beingwayCooperate with him.

Because this is not something that can benefit both sides.

Win win, yesefficiencyIt is also an expression of mutual respect for both sides.

So after a few words, IdecisionNot that timeactivity, also unwilling to continue to talk with him about money.

Either win-win or quit.

2. Three roles

So, you knowbusinessThere are many people in the world.

Although we have different roles, if we simply classify all kinds of people, there may be three kinds:

salePersonage(Salesman), business people(Businessman),entrepreneur(Entrepreneurs)。

There is a pattern and there is no pattern, the performance is completely different.

Salespeople who have no pattern often go overboardpromise。 He said "this can be done, that can be done", but he thought about how I want to "cash in and harvest".

A salesperson with a pattern will not promise what he can't do. Don't say "just use this setsystem, you'll get twice the result with half the effort. "Instead, you'll say," buy another version. That's enough. Don't waste money. Just think we make friends. "

Business people without pattern are the realm of chicken. I want to win, and more importantly, you want to lose. The view of the world iszero-sum game

Business people with a pattern are the realm of the eagle. I want to win, and more importantly, you want to win. The view of the world is a win-win mentality.

Entrepreneurs without a pattern may have fun, gamble and buy a lot after making moneyluxury goods, evencompanyYou can get your money into your pocket in various ways.

And entrepreneurs with a pattern, after making money, mayDelayed satisfaction, invest more time and energy, and more money to doresearch and development, grindingproduct, putenterpriseDo better and better.

Some are salespeople, others arebusinessPeople, some people are entrepreneurs, but no matter what role you play, you areshouldThere should be a basic pattern.

So that's why you should never talk about money with people who don't have a pattern.

Because the gap between people is huge. People without a pattern are not worthy of cooperation in essence. In essence, the money does not belong to him.

Even the money earned by luck will be lost by strength.

Never say goodbyepopulationThe money in the bag will be returned in the end.

3. Two views

So, I have two important points to share with you.

Pattern,decisionIt means space and time to make money.

First, only build realstrategyPotential energy can make enough money.

What is strategic potential energy?

yestechnologyLeadership,business modelThe advantages of,efficiencyAdvantages and so on.

Strategic potential energy is to push the stone to the top. Standing on the top of the mountain, even if you push the stone down gently, it will produce great power.

liftIndividual caseSon.Huawei

Ren ZhengfeiOnceacceptThe interview said that precisely because Huawei is notlisted company, Noneedbeautifulfinancial statements, there is not much pressure, so you can put a lot of "fertilizer" into“land”Wait for the "crops" to grow better.

Huawei forTechnology research and developmentofstandardYes:

distancetargetTwo billion light-years away, throw a "sesame";

Throw one at a place 20000 kilometers away from the target“Apple”;

Throw a "watermelon" thousands of kilometers away from the target;

If you are only five kilometers away from the target, you have to throw "Van frit ammunition".

Everyone rushed up with ammunition to conquer the "gate of the city wall". Before, there were hundreds of people, then thousands. Now tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of people are still charging at the "gate of the city wall".

Huawei blasts the "gate of the city wall" every yearresearch and developmentThe funds have reached 15-20 billiondollar

What is this "gate of the city wall"? It's the most advanced technology. For example, we are familiar with5G。 Huawei5g Technology, it is a leading position in the world.

So,strategyWhere does potential energy come from?

Ren Zhengfei said, I am a personcharacterIt's narrow, so let'scompanyThe road ahead is also narrow.

Never do itreal estateAnd never make money. We do the hardest and least profitable things in the world because people are unwilling to do it.

The hardest and least profitable thing issignal communication, yestelecom, 5g.

thesetechnologyneeda large number ofresearch fundsHuaweiInvestment in the future will continue to increase.

becauseExcess profitNo, Nostaff。 Employees take too much and become fat, so they can't run. You can't give it to meshareholder, shareholders are too rich and pay too much attentioncapitalinterestNo, neither.

Strategic potential energy comes from focus. From the layout of the future.

Everyone can make money by focusingThe first pot of gold。 But what happens when you make money? Buy luxury houses and sports cars? Or invest in a new battlefield and build a new oneProfit space

Ren ZhengfeiSaid that Huawei is compiling more than 15000fundamental researchScientists andexpert, is to turn money intoknowledge

And more than 60000practical personnelyesDevelop productsAnd turn knowledge into money.

This is strategic potential energy.

Second, touserCentered, letconsumerBenefit.

Only by doing this can we make enough money for a long time.

I often give one exampleIndividual caseSon, why do many stars drive itrestaurantWill it close at last?

Stars opened restaurants, which was very popular at the beginning, because fans loved stars.

Stars bring "flow" to the restaurant. Everyone wants to try. What if I can see a star? Maybe we can get a autograph and a photo.

However, many people will not come for the second time after eating once.


Because the food cooked in the restaurant is not delicious at all. As long as it's not delicious, it's not“Repurchase rate”。

Is "flow" important or "repurchase rate" important in opening a restaurant?

Repurchase rate, of course.

Because the restaurant can only be opened in one placelocationSet, even the star'seffectNo matter how big, you can onlyservicePeople a few kilometers nearby. If it's not delicious, these people won't come again.

Then there were fewer and fewer people until the door closed.

For restaurants, being good to users means making the dishes delicious. That's it.

If not, you may be able to make money today, but it is difficult to make money tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

This principle is put in otherindustry, the same is true.

Only by trulyuserCentered, letconsumerBenefit, can earn enough long-term money.

Last words

Standing on the 1st, 10th and 100th floors, you can see the scenery and make different choices.

Behind the money is the pattern.

Behind the pattern is rightstrategyConstruction of potential energy and user centered persistence. Perhaps, there are many compromises and abandonments in front of us.

Never talk about money with people who don't have a pattern. Because everything and every action they do is for money.

And you know, there are many things in the world that are much more important than money.

Money is just a result.

Statement: This article only represents the author's point of view, not the position of MBA think tank.
Liu run

Authors: Liu Run, founder of embellish consulting, Liu Run, official account of business head, 500 thousand person student of "5 minute business school", former Microsoft Strategic Cooperation Director, and domestic famous business consultant. Source: Liu ran, WeChat official account (ID:runliu-pub), a official account of the nature of business.