Draw the business model canvas Jiugong grid to gain insight into the real needs of users

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Classic business model canvas Jiugong grid doc

business model: Generally speaking, it's a way to make big money. People, not youabilityYou earn as much money as you can, but what kind of model you have.entrepreneurnamelystrategyHome, strategist is to choose home. Choice is more important than effort.

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Business model canvas design ppt

What should we dosystemHow to invent, design and implement these powerful new business models?

How can we question, challenge and transform those outdated business models?

How can we turn visionary ideas into business models to challenge the rules of the game, challenge authority or revitalize it?

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Business model workshop canvas ppt

business modelNine elements:
oneCustomer segmentation
YoursproductTo whom and how they are.
twoValue proposition
Are you ready tocustomerWhat benefits will it bring.
How do you find itTarget customers, so whatdeliverProduct orserviceGive it to them.
fourCustomer relationship
What kind of relationship are you going to establish with your customers. It's a one-time cooperation or a permanent friend.
5. Key business.
What are you going to do(productionsale, delivery, etc.) to successfully complete your and the customer'stransaction
6. Important cooperation.
Which partners can make your business successful.
sevenCore resources
youneedWhich?Key resourcesTo successfully complete the business. Including people, money,matterWait.
In addition to collecting money from customers, what channels or methods do you have to make money.
ninecost structure
Everything you need to complete this businesscost

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A picture gives you a comprehensive understanding of the business model canvas pdf

How to determineBusiness canvas9 ofstructure? This oneMind mapClarify the specific content of each module with 3-5 questions to help you constructbusiness model

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4 perspectives and 9 structures of business model canvas doc

Business Model Canvas ”It is a way to understand, describe, think and build a business modelvisualizationLanguage. Four perspectives of business model: what can we do forcustomer/consumerWhat do you offer? For whom? How?cost/profitHow many?

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Detailed explanation of business model canvas pdf

business modelMind map, toAlipayFor example,explainNine modules of business model canvas.

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