A comprehensive analysis of Toyota production mode TPS (just in time, automation and improvement)

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TPS-1__ Toyota Production Mode -- system and basic idea.ppt

TPSThe theoretical framework includes "onetarget”"Two pillars" and "one foundation". As relatedProduction and operationTPS is a unique concept and systemlong-termGradually formed by the accumulation and improvement of. Including punctuality(JIT), automation (Jidoka) andimprove(Kaizen)And so ontechnologyAnd ideas are gradually developed and improved with the development of the times and the progress of technology.

TPS:Toyota production modeTo put it simply, it is a way to shorten time by eliminating waste in all linksproductfromproductionreachcustomerTime in hand to improveEnterprise competitivenessThe way.

JIT:JUST IN TIME Just in time production, it does not takeforecastSex orplanSex production, only after receiving customersorderAnd then according to the orderProduct style, quantity and where appropriateDelivery timebeforeorganizationProduction to reduceInventory fundsOverstock and dead goodsstockIncreasedrisk

KAIZEN: continuous improvement, which aims to eliminate visible waste to the greatest extent and invisible waste to the greatest extent,staffBy various meansexcitationparticipate inMode of productionofContinuous improvement

Automation is automatic monitoring and controlAdministrationMeans of abnormal conditions. Automation is to prevent the production of unqualified productsworking procedureFlow into the post process to avoid confusion in the post processensureJust in time production.

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TPS-2_ Toyota Production Mode -- just in time.ppt.ppt

Punctuality refers toneedAs neededproductionNeededproductsupplyEach process.
prerequisite:Balanced production
Concept 1: Productiontechnological processturn
Concept 2: determine compliancedemandQuantitativeBeat time
Idea 3: when necessary, the next process goes to the previous process to receive the necessary quantity of necessary products

stayenterpriseReasons for failure:

  • customerorderWith the characteristics of diversity and variability, the enterprise has not formed a balanced production system that produces according to a certain quantity and type every day;
  • There is no enterprise constitution that can carry out process production;
  • Not formulated totechnologySkilled worker basedOperation standardBook, righttaskPersonnel thorough implementationeducationTraining to have multiple assignments at the same timeskill
  • Not formedStandardized operation
  • There is no mechanism to shorten the replacement procedure timemechanism
  • qualityLow level, often produce too muchNonconforming products
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TPS-3__ Toyota Production Mode -- self production.ppt

On the occasion of "humanized automation", when a problem occurs, the and its equipment will automatically stop running, so it is not necessary to set up special equipment monitoring personnel, which can also achieve the effect of humanization and saving energyworking hoursNumber. Arrive quickly without time differenceProduction siteSolve the problem, so it is easier to understand the real cause of the problem in order to solve it.

What is quick action on the ground:
1. Problems
2. From the scene of the probleminformation(indicator light, alarm device, etc.)
3. Stop where the problem occursmachinery equipment
4. Thorough implementation“Three present doctrine”(site oriented)

  • Site: go to the site where the problem occurs(superviseRescuers, rescuers, etc.).
  • presentmatter: observe the existing object and the place where the problem occurs.
  • Reality: carefully observe the situation of the problem and listen to ittaskPersonnelopinion

main points

  • You must learn the method and focus of observing the scene.
  • To solve problems, we must solve preconceived views and develop the habit of asking questions repeatedly5WThe habit of (5 Whys).
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TPS-4__ Toyota Production Mode - improvement.ppt

Steps to solve the problem:
As a phenomenon, problems will appear on the scene and present objects.
Grasp the phenomenon and solve the problem according to the steps of finding out the cause → countermeasures → treatment → effect.
Effective results cannot be restored to their original state, and maintenance must be consideredimproveEffectiveway
For ineffective methods, we should study them one by one in the order of treatment → countermeasures → finding out the causes.

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TPS-5__ Toyota Production Mode -- the origin of improvement -- ie method.ppt

Ie techniquetakeworkSubdivide layer by layer intoworking proceduretaskCompanyOperation, operation element) action (element action), and then eliminate 3MU Muri (overloaded personnel or equipment) in each workMuda(waste), mura (imbalance). Analyze the processes, operations and actions of 3MU Muri (overloaded personnel or equipment), muda (waste) and mura (imbalance), and createEconomics, safe and easy operation methods. “Action economy principle”Is its main focus.

Job determination
Time scale jobssystemAnd the work of the constituent elements is digitized toimproveAnd maintain astarget
Divided into continuousTime analysis methodAnd w · s(Job samplingWorking Sampling)Law.
LikeproductThe inspection includes overall inspection andSampling inspectionSimilarly, the overall inspection of work can be regarded as continuous time analysis method, and the sampling inspection of work can be regarded as w · s method.

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TPS-6__ Toyota Production Mode -- Analysis of process units and implementation of humanization.ppt

Based onneedWhen, according to the required quantity, with the lowestcostThe idea of giving what you need, a small amountcarryBecome the basic principle. Handling will giveJust in time productionHave a great impact.ToyotaVarious named handling methods include:

  • Insect handling
  • CharterautomobileHandling mode
  • Taxi handling mode
  • Transfer handling mode
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TPS-7__ Toyota Production Mode -- improving flow shop mode through practical analysis.ppt

time analysisAccording to the tools used to measure time, the types of can be roughly divided intoStopwatch methodAnd film analysis. essential factortaskdecomposemain points:

  • Clarify the difference from other element operations
  • Determine the observable range and degree according to the purpose
  • Take actions with the same purpose as an elementstructure
  • District breakupOperation time(subject toMechanicsConstraints to distinguish tasks) andMechanical operationtime
  • Distinguish between fixed number of operations (method and time are almost certain) andvariableBecause of the time of the operation (element operation)Material Science(changes according to different)
  • Distinguish between periodic operation and out of cycle operation
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