Salary system design and salary adjustment management (with tools and design scheme)

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Salary designGeneral questions:

  • I don't know at presentSalary systemGood or bad
  • I don't know how to designSalary system
  • Fixed, letstaffFeel hopeless
  • Salary levelToo low, unattractive, can't keep excellentpersonnel
  • Only punishment without reward, employees feel depressed but not excited
  • distributionThe gap is too small and the big pot is serious
  • The distribution gap is too large, resulting in low morale
  • Unreasonable allocation of factors leads to complaints
  • paysystemNot perfect, resulting in the corresponding role can not be fully played
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Job evaluationThe main methods are:

Sorting methodAccording to the simplest job evaluation method, it:populationDefined onpositionPhase ofcounter-performanceValue or position fororganizationThe contribution of success to rank positions from high to low.

classification: it is a method of putting various positions into different positions determined in advancePosition levelJob evaluation method in (category).

Point counting methodJob evaluation is a complex quantitative job evaluationtechnology(it has been used since the 1940s). It usually consists of three components:Elements of remunerationA quantitative measure of compensation elements, reflecting the relative importance of each compensation elementweight

Factor comparison method: is a more complex ranking method, which uses a typical position compensation element level benchmark to determine the level of other positionswages

You can learn from the documentation:

  • Position salary systemMain characteristics and implementation conditions of the project;
  • Understand the basic concepts related to the position;
  • Position analysisThe role of position analysis on position salary system;
  • The significance and function of job evaluation;
  • Master the skills of common job evaluation methods;
  • How to evaluate according to positionstructureestablishenterprisePosition structure;
  • The latest development of job evaluationtrendAnd causes.
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Job evaluationPrinciple of:
The principle of taking matters into consideration: it is aimed atworkofpostNot someone who works in this position.
Principle of consistency: all posts must be evaluated through the same set of evaluation factors.
Completeness principle: post evaluation factorsshouldComprehensive and without overlap.
Pertinence principle: the evaluation factors should be combined with the inter enterprise as much as possible.
Principle of Independence: participate in the evaluation of postsexpertMembers of the team must evaluate each post independently.
Confidentiality principle

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marketfrequently-usedSalary structureAnd caliber:

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conductSalary reformDo you pay attention to the timing of the meeting? Do you want to do it whenever you want? for instance,bossSay, next monthhuman resourcesThe Department has come up with a salary reform plan. Do we really come up with a plan next month? The answer is clearly no. Generally, salary reform is carried outneedChoose the right time, the following timingHRsurebe carefulMaster:
oneFiscal yearEnd or beginning of fiscal year
twocompanyForm ormerge
3. NEWgeneral managerAfter taking office for some time
4. After the new HR head takes office for a certain period of time
5. Outstanding contradictions caused by salary must be solved as soon as possible

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Salary management reference book template worth 100000.pdf

salarystructureandSalary managementpolicy, is one of the HR modulestechnical contentFor the higher part, pleaseConsulting firmIf you design,costAt 100000 yuan or even higher. This tool shows five well-known companiespayScheme containsbonusScheme (yes)foreign enterpriseshareholding systemCompanies, as well as group companies), including several salary levelsModel, including the range and overlap of each leveldata, which represents the most scientific and standardized approach for you to study and guess.

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Salary managementsystemMain contents:

Click View →Whole case of salary system design (design ideas, methods and schemes)

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