How to deal with job changes caused by industry changes? (dry goods)

X two hundred and elevenAfter graduating from collegeworkFive jobs have been changed in ten years, and the first four are in manufacturingTrade industryYes, because I thinkPropertyindustryHigher salary, two years agoJob hoppingIn the real estate industry, it took a lot of effort at that time to trust the relationship to the real estate industry, but the industry is going downhill this yearbankruptcy of a companyX has to find a job again, but what direction to find a job? X has changed four industries and has always wanted to follow the trend. The trend is elusive. He is very confused and seems to always step in the wrong rhythm.

D last yeargraduate studentWhen I graduated, I was in a fierce competitioncompeteLate comerslistofinterneteducationcompany, I didn't expect to work directly for the company for more than a yearCapital flowcrackClose down, DactuallyI like this industry very much. I want to change jobs in the same industry. I find few opportunities to find jobs in other industries. D is provided with the same treatment as other students who have just graduated this year. D is not satisfied. D feels very incomprehensible. You know educationtrainIn recent years, it has been a hot industry. The prospect of salary and various benefits seems good. D now hopes to find us a promising job.

During this period of time, many industries looking for jobs were once very prosperous industries, but great changes have taken place in recent months.

The shuffle that is happening or has happened this yearrecombinationIndustry, many people are difficult to grasp the development law of the industry and want to find a promising industry. In fact, there are changes in the industry every year. Every year, some people feel that they are afraid of entering the wrong industry and it is difficult to find a stable development industry. Like D and X, we often feel that we have seized the best opportunity. After a period of time, we will find that this opportunity may be a trap, We always feel that there is no chance now. After a few years, we will find that we missed a lot in previous years.CareerThirty or forty years, no one canaccuracyforecastIn the future, however, we should maintain a certain workplace sensitivity, follow the trend and take the initiative to deal with various changes.

1. Understand the background of the times

oneMacro policy

Many people thinkindustryChangeable, no direction. In fact, we ordinary people should pay more attention to macro policies, and we can also refer to someexpertInterpretation will know that any industrial changes are in the background.

For example, the direction of recent industry changes, if we can look at the central finance and economics 2021 on August 17committeeTenth timemeeting》We can understand some industries nowpolicyProposed at the meetingCubic distributionrelevant, the three distributions were defined as "basic" for the first timeInstitutional arrangements”, and rise tonational strategyAt the system level, the three distributions will enter the stage of large-scale practical operationsignal, various supporting measures will be implemented.economistLi YiningThink,Initial distributionIs the element obtained by each elementremunerationSecondary distributionnamelyPass taxCollect(personal income taxEstate taxGift taxEtc.)transfer payment Rebalancing, the third distribution is through voluntary public welfaredonationFurther adjustment.

In short, the initial allocation is made bymarketaccording toEfficiency principleOngoingdistribution, usually throughwagesandannual bonusTo reflect; Secondary distribution is bygovernmentThrough taxationSocial security expenditureEtcredistribution; The third distribution is the distribution through individual voluntary donation driven by moral power. In the future, we must go to the small at both ends and the big in the middlecommon prosperity Adjust the road. The first financial source cited Han Wenxiu, deputy director of the central financial office, in the CPC Central CommitteepropagandaDepartmentpress conferenceThe said that common prosperity depends on common struggle, which is the fundamental way. We should encourage hard work to become richinnovateTo get rich, do not engage in "killing the rich and helping the poor". We should uphold the principle of ensuring andimprovePeople's livelihood and improve people's livelihoodeducationDegree, enhancementDevelopment capacity, create morePratt & Whitney. fair conditions and smooth flowSociologyThe upward flow channel creates opportunities for more people to get rich. We should make solid progressEqualization of basic public services, insist on doing your best and acting according to your ability to prevent falling intoWelfarismWe can't wait to rely on, we can't raise lazy people.

In the direction of such a major policy, it is obvious thatindustryDevelopment adjustment, those easy to haveProfiteering industry(film and televisionProperty),MONOPOLYIndustry(Data monopolyasinternetLarge platform (monopoly platform), which is not conducive to the fair and smooth channel of social upward flow(instruction after class)Addiction (e.gnetwork game)Are regulated industries.

Corresponding inMacroeconomicIn, which industries have opportunities? We can refer to manyinvestmentInterpretation of the world, such as the monarchconsumptionPoints out that:

We will open the channel for class transition, create opportunities for more people to become rich, and strive to expand the medium-sized enterprisesincomegroupofpolicyUnder the basic tone, with the gradual realization of common prosperity, the future is promisingpublicandService consumptionQuality consumptionSpiritual consumption. income increase and expansionobtain employmenttypescience and technologyConsumption has four main investment lines.

(1) public and service consumption: the most serious impact since 2020 in COVID-19 (especiallyRestaurantTravel, accommodation, etc.),common prosperity targetThe proposal will help to improve the quality of low-income groupsConsumption capacity, mass and service consumer industries emergedlimitOpportunities for improvement;

② Quality consumption: common prosperity clearly proposes to expand the number of middle-income groups (according to 2035)prospectplan, next 15 yearsmiddle classIt is expected to double from 400 million to 800 million)Consumption upgrading, the increase in the proportion of wealthy families will undoubtedly promotehousehold electrical appliancesautomobileHome FurnishingEtc. optionalconsumer goodsConfiguration and updatedemand

governmentPut forward that "common prosperity is the goal of the peoplematter"Both quality life and spiritual life are rich", which will lead to common prosperitydefinitionExpand to the spiritual field, leisureentertainment, sportsCulturemediaTo meet the diverse spiritual needs of the peopleindustryBecome the focus of future policies (recently, the State Council issued the National FitnessplanIt is expected to drive by 2025sport industry The total scale exceeded 5 trillion);

④ Increasing income and expanding employment oriented science and technology consumption: common prosperityneedCultivationNew economic growth pointIt can absorb a large number of jobs and leadIndustrial transformationUpgradedNew energy vehicle, consumptionElectronicsAnd other consumer goods industries with certain hard core technology attributes ushered in growth opportunities. (Sina(Finance)

Reference YixinwealthAn analysis of:

1. FuturerectifyStandardized industries include: film and television;dataSafety hazard industry;real estate; outside schooltrain; highconsumption; environmental pollution;Platform economyMONOPOLYSex industry; game

2. FuturesupportEncouraged industries are: pension; Agriculture and animal husbandry; Charity; domesticpublicConsumption;science and technologyAutonomy; medical caremedicinenew energy; Housing securityService industry

twoobtain employmenttrend

China's college graduates will have 8.74 million fresh students in 2020, 9.09 million fresh students in 2021, and more than 10 million graduates in 2022. The number is increasing year by year. You should know that there will be new students in 2020populationThere are only more than 9 million new students, the number of new students is declining year by year, and they have received college educationeducationThe number of people is increasing. After going to college, the basic requirement for employment is to work in a metropolisknowledgetypeworkMoreover, the expected salary increases every year. When looking for a job, it is easy to squeeze into the hot industry with high salary.

In the workplace, there is no choice once and for all. On the one hand, people in the workplace should know that there will be more and more waves, and today's uniqueskill, the advantage of youth will soon be replaced by younger peoplelabor forceChallenges, the requirements of the work will be higher and higher, so we should choose it as soon as possibleindustry, only by deeply cultivating the specialty can we gain a foothold; On the other hand, from the perspective of industry selection, graduates have a high degree of employment concentrationgroup。 When I first graduated, I often found a job with great homogeneity. High salary entry is a common expectation, and it will continue to differentiate in a few years,idealThe gap with reality will make many people more and more realistic, and the possibility of changing jobs is increasingCareerIt's normal to keep learning and keep working hard.

2. WillEndowmentsIntegrate into your owntarget

Career planningThere is no single right solution. Sometimes we don't care about the environment because of groups andindividualThere are great differences. Even in the hottest industries, there are people who don't mix well. Don't worry about it any moreProsperityThere will also be some good industriescompanyandpost。 Platforms vary greatly, individuals also vary greatly, and everyonecharacter. job matching degreeseize a seatAnd so on, the problems are also different.

In addition to considering the general environment, you should according to your age and experience,abilitydoplanFor example, even if a 50-year-old and 30-year-old worker are in the same industry, they will have different choices in the face of industry adjustment. The choice of a small middle-level company and a large high-level company is not the same. The choice of a mother of a five-year-old child and a man who has not yet married is also different. Different life stages, different personality characteristics and different life goals,planIt's different.


The most important thing to achieve in your career is to understand what you are doingworkWhat you want and what price you are willing to pay. A person's interest in workattitudeHow, often lies in Ta knowing what he wants. chaseindustryHot spots, many just follow others and don't think about their own advantages and goals carefully. Many people fail to make appropriate career planning at the right time because they have never thought clearly about their career goals and life goals. No one can think about what you want in your life instead of you.

Many people look for jobs at random, and they will enter what kind of job they find. If it is good in the early stage of the workplace, if you still have such an attitude of stepping on watermelon peel after having some experience, it is difficult to have good results.

02. Clear mentality

In the process of workplace transformation, ability, accumulation and contacts are very important, but the most importantneedIt's a zero mentality.

Anyone's comprehensiveresourcesAnd abilities will behave differently in different fields,educationknowledgeskillAnd experience have a certain scope of application.

Before work, we will have a lot of investment: we have received undergraduate or higher education and learned or trained skills at work, but any learned knowledge and skills are onlySunk cost。 The time and money spent can no longer be recovered. No one has the obligation to pay for your past skills and experience. As bontracy said, your job is not mainly based on your educational background, knowledge, skills or your experienceabilitydecisionYes, but bycustomerWhat you need, what you want, and why you are willing to pay. Therefore, you must constantly adjust what you can provide, your talents, skills and skillsjob contentTry to communicate with customersdemandAnd willing to pay for itservicebring into correspondence with.

Many people know theirindustry, platform,postIt's not suitable for you, but it's because you're familiar with it and it's difficult to give up your past experience. Therefore, you won't give up until you're at the end of the mountain. In this way, you'll fall into the situation of passive choice.

I used to be a teacher for four years. At that time, many of our colleagues didn't like their workwork, often complain, but because the teacher hasworking yearsThere are also some advantages. I think it's a pity to lose my seniority once I leave. I always hope that one day there will be no loss and I can be transferred to a place where my seniority can be extended and there is no trouble. Some of my colleagues who went to school at the same time are still complaining and still working in that school. It can be seen that several years of work experience makes it difficult for some people to change careers. It is suggested to watch American dramas《trainee》。

03. Give play to advantages

Understand your strengths through various methods. Often comb their ownbehaviorAnd results, what have you done well in the past? What are your interests and strengths? I have written many articles in this regard for reference. How to understand yourself.

3. Customize your own solution

encounterCareer bottleneckWe can make breakthroughs in these aspects:

01. Regard the requirements of industry change asmarketAsk for a change in the information you provideSkill knowledge

Many people know little about other jobs other than their own and are unprepared for change.actuallyIf you masterskillAnd experience is really not in the marketdemand, you have to learn something elseknowledge, provide skills that the market needs. modernindustry, platformoccupationChanges will occur at any age and at any stage. We face workneedWork harder and be more flexible. Instead of being limited by the work experience of the past few years and more than ten years, it's better to think about how to adapt to the longer futureCareerrequirement.

Always be sensitive to stenosisworkCuriosity about knowledge outside the fieldattitude, keep learning and evaluate your skills frequentlycompetitive powerKeep learning new skills. Learning is always the most effective means to combat change.

02. View regional changes in the industry as changes in the workplace

China is very big, and there are great regional differences. Choose the right pond to catch big fish and worksupplyThe change of the pond is not only the industry, but also the location, for example, in recent yearsmanufacturingThe mainland migration is obvioustrendBut I have a lot of them in ShanghaicitySome candidates still cling to the level of Asia Pacific headquarters. As a result, I have met several candidates and kept on looking for jobs in the farthest Yangtze River Delta around ShanghaiJob hoppingTo differentcompanyAsia Pacific headquarters, these companies continue to exit or reduce Chinainvestment, the Asia Pacific headquarters no longer exist.

Many times, the shrinkage of an industry in one region may be the rise of an industry in another region. If you are difficult to pull out of the path of an industry, you can also think about changing your geographical location. Sometimes you have to move from one place to another, from places with fewer jobs to places with more jobs. If you don't want to change the industry attribute, changing the location attribute will also increase your opportunities. Think more, ifjob contentUnchanged, change of duty stationactuallyIt's a normal job.

03. Change workload and improvecost performance

In somecurrencyfunctionCome on, changeindustryIt seems that the difficulty is not great. For example, it was affected by double subtraction some time agoeducationIndustry, many companiesLayoffseven to the extent thatClose down, but there are some back endspositiondemandIn fact, it is not greatly affected. There are some front-end job foundationsabilityGeneral, findworkIt's not difficult, for example,marketsaleHowever, it is the same in different industriespostWork content andremunerationThe difference can be great. Some time ago, maybe thisPremiumThe situation is less, but it is obvious that there is a decline in the salary of some approved positions, especially those in the scheme or market. However, many people who were used to high benchmark salary are reluctantPay cut, for the same work, there is still a big gap between industries.

Even the general position difference between high paid industries and low paid industries is not small. When changing between industries, we must consider our own cost performance. Because of yourlabor forceyesproduct, it must also follow the law of supply and demand.

04. MultiplechannelLooking for new opportunities

Many people worry that if they give up their original experience, they will not be able to find a new job. Some of these people are really incompetent, some areunderestimateIf the capacity of the market is, the market has a large number of jobs that have not been published in the market, the stronger their ability is,effectThe bigger, the easier it is to find a job. Many people can't find a job becauseinformationSources are extremely limited. wantattitudeBe more open to new information, and also widely use and develop your own contacts. Contacts are not necessarily for practical help. Diversified contacts can provide information and links.

Looking for a job is not a high-frequency event. Most people are not familiar with how to find a job, even many ofteninterviewExecutives andHR, often do interview counseling, also lackjob wantedLooking for a job experience, many people who have achieved certain success in the workplace are proud that they haven't looked for a job for more than ten yearsworkoccupationIt's good to be smooth, but it should always berisk awareness , the workplace is cruel. Everyone has to deal with changes in his careerplan。 There are too many uncertainties in life. I rehearse about how to deal with life and career changes every quarter, but even so, I sometimes encounter scenes that have never been expected to happen.

Many people's way of looking for a job is too limited and too dependent on their past path. For example, if you used to find a job on a job search website, you will still only find it on this websiteheadhuntingI still rely on headhunters for help. At different stages, the best channels for different people to find jobs will be different. They can't work in a habitual way, nor can they find jobs in an invariable way.

The means of looking for a job are different in different workplace stages. Take headhunting as an example, I often receive all kinds of job requirements. For example, working for N years is only a job for grass-roots workersresume, such a background is difficult to recommend from the perspective of headhunters. For example, many 45 year olds still only give their resumes to headhunters when looking for a job. They hope headhunters can find a good job for themselves as soon as possible. They are surprised when they don't get an answer, because they have been looking for a job a few years agofeelHeadhunters keep looking for themselves.

Generally speaking, the first five years in the workplace or intermediatepositionFor the following jobs, the job search website is the quickest way in the workplacegoldAt this stage, headhunters can help you a lot. After the age of 40, except for excellent onespersonnel, headhunters are not necessarily the bestefficiencyAt this time, contacts will play a more important role. At any time, we should choose according to our own characteristicschannel


Whatever you're doing nowwork, how many alreadyskillandknowledge, you should know what achievements you have made. No one willensureYou will continue to succeed in the future. If your skills cannot be used in the future, your way out can only be change. At any time, we can't take it for granted. The success and stability of the past can't be the guarantee of the future and always prepare for our future.

There is a long way to go in the workplace,industryChange is inevitable. Success is the success of the times, but the pressure of times change is also unstoppable. "A grain of ash of the times, falling on an individual's head, is a mountain". Although it is very heavy, even if we are particle dust, we do not have no response to the mountain of the times, and the micro dust and micro dust are not all the same fate. Our era exists because of us. We don't want to be crushed by the mountains of the times. We should care about it if we live a life at a losstrend, evaluate their own characteristics, improve their strength, make independent judgments, and actively design and adjust their ownoccupationAnd life.

Statement: This article only represents the author's point of view, not the position of MBA think tank.
Jing Hong

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