Entertainment to death: don't let short videos become "cognitive degeneracy"

This article is my obsession withShort videoSome thoughts on the phenomenon: short video may be becoming“cognitionDegradation agent ".

1. I can't put it downmobile phone, short video that can't fit

The most indispensable thing for modern people may be mobile phones.

According to Aurorabig dataIssue Q1 2021Mobile InternetindustrydataResearchreport》, Q1 2021, mobilenetizenPer capita installationAPPThe total amount continued to grow to 63 models, and the per capita use time of APP in a single day was up to 5.3 hours.

In other words, in the first quarter of 2021, mobile Internet users spend 5.3 hours staring at their mobile phones every day. You know, apart from the necessary sleeping time of about 8 hours, we only wake up 16 hours a day.

Seeing this, I couldn't help but check the length of use of my mobile phone (search "use time" in mobile phone settings).

In the past 7 days, my average daily use time is 5.25 hours, rounded, just like that of the whole countryaverageThe level is consistent. I can't help worrying. Let me delay this data.

Aurora big data further analyzed the use duration of various apps, and short video ranked first without suspense: short video industry in the first quarter of 2021userThe duration accounts for 29.6%, which means that mobile Internet users spend an average of 1.57 hours brushing short videos every day.

We may spend less than 30 minutes talking to our family every day, but we spend 1.57 hours brushing and living with us/workIt may not matterShort video

2. Why can't we extricate ourselves

Brush the short video to "can't stop at all", just use a nounexplain: dopamine.

Dopamine is a neurotransmittermatterSubstance, a chemical substance used to help cells transmit pulses, this brain secretion and human desirefeelAbout, it conveys excitement and happinessinformation

Let me explain it in two popular words:

1. Dopamine is a secretion. When we feel excited and happy, the brain will secrete dopamine;

2. The more dopamine we secrete, the happier and more excited we feel, and the more we want to do somethingbehavior

In other words, dopamine is like a "little devil". When we do something, it will jump out and give us a sugar. In order to get more sugar, we will continue this behavior next time.

When we're painting the first oneTiktokTiktok tiktok, our brain had no incentive to anticipate the thing, because we did not know what was in the jitter.

When we brush tiktok, we can't help feeling funny, interesting, and nice. At this time dopamine, the little devil, began to appear. It gave us the first sugar in our brain.

This is not just a sugar problem. It's like opening Pandora's box. Our brain will want the second and third

Our brain needs more and more sugar. We have to do more than before to get more sugar, so we will brush until we can't stop, and the brain is addictedmechanismThat's it.

From this perspective, tiktok addiction is just the difference between drugs and drugs. There is no essential difference between our brains and dopamine.

needIt shows that dopamine is a necessary neurotransmitter for human survival. Without dopamine secretion, we will not feel happy and pursue good thingsmatterThe dopamine secretion of pessimistic and depressed people was significantly lower than that of normal people.

3、Short videoLowercognitiondegeneration

Our brain has a very important mechanism: use in and waste out.

Let's simplify the brain firstinformation transferProcess:

The brain converts external stimuli intosignalAnd then the signaldecompose, in the process of decomposition, various past experiences should be mixed at the same timeMaterial ScienceconductthinkingCalculate, and then get the best response it thinks, and then pass the information to your hands and feet for executionCompany, it has to go through a lot of customs.

If you don't always recognize the good you receiveinformationconductmachiningAnd practice, even if you are an expert, you will be like a boxer who has neglected to practice for many years,feelTheir response to external stimuliabilityJust like ordinary people.

This process is cognitive degradation.

Why does addiction to short videos cause cognitive degradation?

I have summarized the following six reasons and come together for you.

1. Nakedbe carefulpower

SchumacherIn dispelling doubts:Mental Models decisionIn your life, the existence of the world is divided into four levels:

Inorganic matter: such as tables, chairs and benches.
Plants: more life than inorganic matter.
Animals: more than plantsconsciousness
Person: comparisonmatterMoreself-consciousness

For example, dogs will drool when they see meat and bones, but if someone invites us to a big meal, we will think: should I have this mealshouldGo?

This is self-awareness.

Self-awareness is closely related to attentionrelevant, our attention is constrained by two factors:

First, we cannot control external forces.

For example, in a quietbooksThe hall suddenly hears a loud noise, and our attention will be immediately attracted. We can't control these factors. We can't let our auditory function turn on and off as we want.

Second, our inner strength.

For example, when we talk about somethingemotionWhen it comes to expectation, fear, worry and interest, we will take the initiative to focus our attention on this matter.

The difference between these two kinds of attention determines whether we are "active life" or "passive life".

If we often allow our attention to be drawn by external forces, that is, to expose our attention, we will be in a state of "passive life", in which our self-consciousness is absent.

RussiaPhilosophyIn the book possible evolution of manPsychology》The book also reveals this. He believes that at any time, we are in the following three "states" or "parts"self”One——Mechanics, emotionalintelligence, the main reason for these different "parts"Evaluation criteria, it's oursbe carefulForce level.

When we are not paying attention or absent-minded, we are in the mechanical part;

When attention is attracted by the object of observation or thinking and stays there, we are in the emotional part;

When our attention iswillWhen we control and apply it to the object, we are in the part of intelligence.

The psychology of possible human evolution

If a personlong-termIn the first and second states, it is obviously impossible to improve yourselfcognitionDeep.

When we lie on the sofa, brushTiktokWhen we can't stop, we are either attracted by the video content or in the state of "mechanical me". Our attention has been exposed and out of our control.

The consequence of long-term exposure of attention is that we can no longer concentrate on thinking.

PascalIn the thought record, it is said that all human problems stem from the inability to think alone.

2. LowqualityDefault mode fornetwork

In 2001, there was a new concept in brain science called "default mode network".

When people do nothing, the brain also consumes a lot of energy, and some brain regionsactivityInstead, it strengthened. These areas that enhance activity are the brain's default pattern network.

What is the meaning of the default mode network?

You may have such an experience: the first day is still a puzzle. After a good sleep that night, it suddenly opens up the next day.

tencentIt's said in biographypony ofDecision style, Ma Huateng did little or almost nothing on the same daypolicy decision, he always waits until the next day.

This is the default mode network at work.

When we sleep, walk, or even take a bath, our brains turn on the default mode network (provided we don't want anything).

It will transmit what we receive without our perceptioninformationFilter, connect and reconnectcombination, for the seemingly unsolvable problem, under the action of the default mode network, we may be suddenly enlightened.

A skillful woman can't make bricks without rice. To make the default mode network work better, we shouldneedWe store enough materials in our brain in advance to have a deep and wide understanding of a problemcognition

If we usually receive high-frequency, low-quality, disordered and no depth information, what we have is lowqualityDefault mode fornetwork

3. Curiosity fault

Some time ago, there was a passage to the effect that: YesTiktok, you can see the world without leaving home, and you don't have to waste money any moreTravelWell, look, isn't Jiuzhaigou just like this?

Think about our generation. Jiuzhaigou is "Jiuzhai on earth, a magical paradise". It is a place that countless children yearn for and yearn for.

And now?

Yes, that's it. It's boring.

Undeniable?Short videoIt has opened our eyes and satisfied our curiosity very quickly and greatly, which has brought two problems:

First, we are no longer willing to explore. We can find the answer to the problem by moving our fingers. But the process of exploration is often more important than the answer itself.

Second, after most of our curiosity has been satisfied, we stillshouldWhat are you curious about?

We may not be ready. There is a curiosity fault. But if we stop being curious, we will not make progress.

4. Fracture of thinking path

Short videoProduct attributesdecisionIts content properties are.

Short video pursues swiping the screen fast, swiping until it can't stop and fastspread, only short videos that meet these attributes can become "explosive". It is precisely under the framework of these attributes that the starting point of most short video content is not to let us think and let us give up thinking, as long as it can make our sensesentertainmentAll right.

We can't stop when we brush beauty and gossip, but we see the real oneknowledge, but impatient, slipped by.

Most short videos, Nologic, do not talk about rules, do not talk aboutcausal relationship, even unreasonable, teasing usemotionIs the only purpose.

CerebralmechanismThe more we do not think, the less we will think. Over time, our thinking path will break and become unable to think.

Real learning must be boring and lonely.

5、“information cocoons ”Effect

The concept of "information cocoon room" is an important concept in the United StatesLawprofessorWhere's Keith Sunstein《informationUtopia.

His so-called "information cocoon room" refers to the consequence of information closure caused by the personalization of the communication system: whenindividualFocus onlyselfChoose or be able to enjoy their own content, while reducingOther informationOver time, they will be gradually shackled to the self weaving "cocoon room" like silkworms.

In the algorithmcontrolNext, what we brush is what we want to see, what we don't want to see, we can never see, we think this is the world,actuallyWe just stayed in our own cocoon room.

When we see the opposite view, we will marvel: why is this person like this? Don't you read online information?

6. Temporalopportunity cost

The first five points may be what we can perceive, and the sixth point is what we can't perceive - the opportunity cost of time.

Opportunity cost is aeconomicsConcepts, andresourcesScarcityRelevant because resources arerareYes, we have every choice we makecostof Any choice comes at a price.

liftIndividual caseSon: I chose to go to work and gave upStart a businessOpportunities.

WeaverageSpend 1.57 hours brushing every dayShort video, if these 1.57 hours are used to read books, accompany family members and go highqualityWhat will our life look like when we socialize?

Opportunity cost may be the largest cost.

4. Where to go

In the Suzhou class of chaos Academy in 2021, Li Shanyou used "one"strategy”RightToday's headlinesDisassembled, LeeprofessortakeByte runoutThe "one" of is summarized asinformation flowmovenetwork

Professor Li also pointed out to meSocial mediaThe negative effects brought to us include the following:

Addictive, addictive, falsenews, crowd tearing, super life.

Professor Li further pointed out: as a part of social media, Zhang Zhang network is still developing. It has no malicious attempt and no positive spirit. I believe there may be light shining into it in the future.

So what is this beam of light?

The answer given by Professor Li is "love", and the flow of love is better thaninformationThe flow of more fundamental things.

When I use the heart engine to stimulate the love in human nature, we will flow love to this network.
I deeply hope that the future of mankind is a flowing wisdom network full of love, and through these networks, wisdom and love will flow into everyone's lifepsychology, connect those so-calledlying flatInvolutionYoung people who lose hope in life light up the beauty of their consciousness.
I think this is the real picture of the networkmission, the real "one".
Li Shanyou

Professor Li's remarks are very grand and generous, and as a younger generation, they are incomparably recognized.

In addition to pinning hopes on the change of social media, I think, as a youth of every era, in the process of human naturedemandBe wantonconsumptionIn the new era, the more we need to cultivate our talentsDelayed satisfactionability, stay awake and don't fall asleep.

Everybody, come on!

Statement: This article only represents the author's point of view, not the position of MBA think tank.
Hou Sheng Chen

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