Morning Post Apple official announced that a press conference would be held on September 15; National Day holiday arrangements released; The new crown vaccine has a second generation? Response of special R & D class

Morning, today is September 9, 2021,MBA think tankThe morning paper is coming!

1、AppleGuanxuan held a press conference on September 15, and the iPhone 13 may appear

In the early morning of August 8, Apple announced that Apple was specialactivityIt will be held at 1 a.m. Beijing time on September 15, 2021. This event will still be held online. As Apple's annual highlight, the autumn press conference usually brings the annual new iPhone and Iwatchconsumerfavoriteproduct。 This year, the most anticipated product is still the iPhone 13. In terms of color, new colors may be added to the iPhone this time, perhaps some relatively bright new colors such as sunset yellow and rose gold. (Beijing Qing)annual report

2、Tiktokonline retailersResponse independent app launched in October: no comment

yesnewsTiktok, said, "independent business"AppOr go online in OctoberprojectTiktokCEOKang Zeyu is responsible for promoting. TiktokrelevantThe person in charge said he would not comment. (China Securities Network)

3. National Day holiday arrangements released

On August 8, the people's Government of BeijinggovernmentThe general office announced the National Day holiday arrangements for 2021: a total of 7 days off from October 1 (Friday) to 7 (Thursday). Work on September 26 (Sunday) and October 9 (Saturday). (China Economic Weekly

4. The new crown vaccine has a second generation?research and developmentSpecial classWorking grouprespond

according toscience and technologyAccording to the daily news, at the just concluded service trade fair, the second-generation new crown vaccine appeared.National MedicineGroup Chinese studentsmatterThe new generation of new crown vaccines developed include not only inactivated vaccines against mutant strains, but also broad-spectrum vaccinesrecombinationProtein vaccine, mRNA vaccine independently developed. Is the first generation vaccine still available for COVID-19's variant strain? On July 7, the State Council launched joint prevention and controlmechanismconvenepress conference, leader of vaccine research and development team of scientific research teamcountryScience and Technology Commission of healthDevelopment CenterDirector Zheng Zhongwei believes that the effectiveness should be confirmed by the research results of the real world. He said: China's new crown inactivated vaccine has been vaccinated on a large scale in the world, and 2 billion doses have been vaccinated in China. There are many real-world studiesdata。 These results show that China's new crown vaccine has a certain effect on preventing infection both at home and abroad; After infectionRe disseminationIt has a clear effect and has a significant effect on the prevention of severe and death. (Science and technology daily)

5. YangleduopropagandaproductCan prevent new crown diseases:AdministrationSerious depositloophole, deeply guilty

Recently, more than 450 thousand yuan has been fined for the punishment of "probiotics play an important role in the prevention and control of new crown virus". 7, yangleduomicro-blogreleasenewsSaid that Yakult attaches great importance to this and is sincereacceptPunishment. Since April last year, Yakult has been urging its subsidiariessubsidiaryStrictly review the publicity content to prevent such events from happening again. (tiger sniffing)

6、Haitong Securities companySuspected of violation of laws and regulationsCSRCFile a case for investigation

On the evening of September 8, Haitong Securities announced that the company signed on September 7China Securities Regulatory CommissionNotification of case filing and investigationnoticeBook. Because the company is developing Southwest Pharmaceuticallimited company(now aoruide photoelectric Co., Ltd.)Financial advisorContinuous supervision of businessworkHe was not diligent during the period and was suspected of violating laws and regulations,China Securities Regulatory CommissiondecisionyesOur companyFile and investigaterelevantsituation. (China)wealth(net)

7. YonghuiCEOSend an internal letter to all staff:targetBased on fresh foodcustomerCenteredOmni channeldigitizationretailplatform

News on the 8th, YonghuisupermarketCEO Li SONGFENG issued an internal letter to announce Yonghui'sorganizational structureTowards moredelayeringChange in the direction of youth. This is the first time that Li SONGFENG has faced all of the company since he became CEO of Yonghui supermarket in August this yearstaffInternal letter sent. In his internal letter, Li SONGFENG stated that he should stick to the original intention of Minsheng supermarket and actively advanceindustryState upgrade, instockDoing increment in the stock market - "Minsheng supermarket" and "doing increment in the stock market"locationAlso YonghuichairmanZhang xuansongSetStrategic policy。 At the end of the internal letter, Li SONGFENG stressed that we shouldscience and technologyYonghuiweistrategyHe hopes to work together with all Yonghui employees to forge ahead and reach new heights. (TechWeb)

8. Orange heart is preferred to shrink in a large area and reduce the daily single quantity to about 6 million

Orange heart preferred to shrink in a large area, reducing the previous 9 regions and 31 provinces to 3 regions and 9 provinces. In the future, Chen Ting, CEO of orange heart preferredchannelThe person in charge, Aetna, and the person in charge of performance, Lai Chunbo, respectivelyAdministrationThree regions. This adjustment is still in progress and is expected to be completed before September 15. It is not ruled out that there will be more changes. This adjustmentpolicy decisionIt took only one week from the proposal to the final determination. Internally, it is believed that most provincesmarketHas been bought more vegetables andMeituanIt is preferred to occupy, and orange heart is preferred not to have advantages. The remaining 9 provinces belong to areas with small market volume but still have room to try. (latepost later)

9、Huaweiarrive on a visiteast windParts groupVehicle networkingCooperation and in-depth exchanges in intelligent driving and other fields

Dongfeng parts groupnews, a few days ago,Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltdvice presidentdongfeng motor Parts (Group)limited companyChairmangeneral managerChen Xinglin and visiting Huawei Hubei ProvincecompanyMeng Shaoyun, the general manager, and his entourage gave further play to their professional advantagesresourcesAdvantages, cooperation and in-depth exchanges in the fields of Internet of vehicles and intelligent driving. Meng Shaoyun said that Huaweilong-termSince focusICTDomaininnovateandresearch and development, we look forward to working with Dongfeng parts group on the Internet of vehicles and intelligent cockpitsystemAnd intelligent driving system ecology. (36 krypton)

10、TwittertestnewPrivacy protectionFunction: support active deletion of fans

It is reported that Twitter has startedtest planThe first of Zhongxin privacy protection tools: delete fans without shielding fans. Twitter is currentlyWebpageThis feature is tested on the version, and this "soft shielding" is likely to become an official tool of twitter. (Sina Technology

11、ministry of education: soundcompulsory educationteacherwagesTreatment guaranteelong-term mechanism

The Ministry of education proposed to continuously strengthenTeacher managementreformAnd treatment guaranteeworkWe will improve the long-term mechanism for ensuring the wages and benefits of teachers in compulsory educationbudgetArrange links to realize compulsory education for teachersaverage wageincomeThe level shall not be lower than the local levelcivil servantAverage wage leveltarget。 Bring "reducing the burden on primary and secondary school teachers" into the study of party historyeducationPractice of "I do practical things for the masses"activityKey issues. Next, the Ministry of education will work withhuman resourcesandsocial securityMinistry of research to further improve primary and secondary schoolsPost settingAdministrationwayTo promote primary and secondary school teacherstitleThe evaluation and employment should be inclined to rural teachers, and the inclination of "targeted evaluation and targeted use" should be implementedpolicy。 (CCTVJournalism

12. China's power grid core equipment moves towards complete autonomy and controllability

Recently fromSouth NetworkThe digital research institute learned that thanks tochiptechnologyThe support of the,teamresearch and developmentAs a result, chip based protection devices have also been used in many countriesindustryRealize large-scale application in, andExportTo more than 10country, createeconomic performance1.15 billion yuan. This achievementsignThe core equipment of China's power grid is moving towards complete autonomy and controllability, which promotes the development of relay protection technologyLeapfrog development。 “powerResearch on Key Technologies of chip protection and localization of core devices "projectGuangdong Province in 2020science and technologyFirst prize of progress award. (Science and technology daily)

13. Water dropcompany: the revenue in the second quarter was 939.4 million yuan,Year on year growth38%

Waterdrop released the second quarter of 2021Financial Report。 The results show that the company's second quarterNet revenuebyRMB939.4 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 38.0%; Belonging to waterdrop companyNet lossIt was 655.8 million yuan, with a net loss of 19000 yuan in the same period last year. In addition, water drop companyBoard of directorsApprovedstock repurchase plan, planned within 12 monthsbuy-backtotalvalueNot more than 50 milliondollarofcommon stock。 (36 krypton)

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