How to improve team execution?

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Some time ago, Sun Zhenyao and general manager Sun mentioned a book, Gaoefficiency4 principles for the implementation of human rights. He said, this is what he has seen, aboutExecutive powerThe best book.

After listening, I silently wrote down the title of the book in my heart.

In addition to the theoretical research on executive power, this book also has a large number ofcompanyexample。 Today, I will share with you the key implementation 4 principles in this book.

1) Focus, the most importanttarget

2) Attention, leadingindex

3) InsistexcitationGender scorecard.

4) Establish lawAccountability

Let's say it one by one.

1. Focus, the most important goal

Have you ever encountered this situation?

I want to do a lot of things, but I can't do it.

morningplanI have to do 10 things and find that half of them are not finished by night.

Given at the beginning of the yearteamMembers set many goals and found that everyone's completion was very poor at the end of the year.

Why is that?

Maybe you want to do too many things and don't focus on the most important goals.

The first principle in the executive 4 principles for highly effective people is to focus on the most important goals.

what do you mean? That is, you have to focus more on less important things.

When setting goals, the more goals you set, the fewer goals you can do well.

If you set two or three goals, then you can focus your time and energy on two or three goals.

However, if you set four to ten goals at the same time, you will be a lot worseprobabilityOnly one or two goals can be achieved.

A worse situation is that you have more than ten plans at the same timetarget, then you will lose focus completely. In the end, you may not be able to finish any of them.

Therefore, from the perspective of focusing on the goal, the more scientific approach is. When you set goals at the beginning of the year, you can have several goals. However, next, you must choose the most important goals from these goals, preferably no more than three.

Then, set a deadline for these goals. After that, invest your time and energy in these most important goals. When you finish these goals. Go and start the next one.

The book mentions aIndividual caseSon.

In 1958,NASANot long after its establishment, it has many important goals.

For example, expand human understanding of atmospheric and space phenomenaknow

For example, research on high-speed, safe and effective spacetrafficTools.

For example, developing and operating can transmit instruments, equipment, supplies and life in spacematterVehicle.


These goals lack clear deadlines and, in terms of quantity, far exceed the upper limit of the number of important goals.

By 1961, President Kennedy wasspeechIt is mentioned in that "it is necessary to successfully put a man on the moon and return safely before the end of the 1960s", which has laid the tone for NASA's most important goal.

This most important goal has a clear time limit - to enable human beings to travel safely from the earth to the moon. The deadline is the end of the 1960s.

Here are two different time periodstargetTable shows the difference between the original goal and the most important goal later.

Source: GaoefficiencyIllustration of 4 principles implemented by people

OneorganizationneedFocus on the most important goals, as do individuals in the organization.

At the beginning of each year, my colleagues and I have to set goals for the new year. Our principle is that the most important goals should not exceed three.

For example, in 2021, I set myself three goals:

1、incomeSustained growth.

2、effectContinuous improvement.

3、teamCombat effectiveness continues to improve.

Runmi consulting as a growing enterprisecompanyEvery year, every month, and even every day, we welcome new changes. I have a lot to focus on, but I can only choose the three most important goals.

Only in this way can I ensure that I focus more time and energy on more important things.

Because our brainsstructuredecisionWe can only focus on as few things as possible at the same time. If you focus too much at the same time, it will go beyond the processing of your brainability

You may have experienced that when you try to deal with two very similar things at the same time, yourefficiencyIt will be very low and even can't finish one.

For example, try drafting a letterE-mailPlay at the same timeTelephone

You may not finish anything. Because these two things will gocompeteThe use of certain parts of the brain, want to get more attention, but the result is to reduce the brainwork efficiency

Writing email and making phone calls are just two small things, which will lead to such consequences. If they are two equally important things, the consequences may be more serious.

You're used to working at the same timeDo moreThe ability to do things,actuallyIn exchange for sacrificing focus on the main business. It will only distract people, and those main thingsmatter, is what matters to ustarget

If you want to set the most important goals for your team or yourself, you must follow four principles:

1. No one should have more than 3 most important goals at any time.

2. Local campaigns must be responsible for winning the whole war.

3、leaderIt can be rejected, but not arbitrary.

4. The most important goal must have a clear time limit and time limit for completionstandard

2. Attention, leadingindex

Principle 1 is to focus on important goals.

so what? How to better implement important goals.

Principle 2, on the basis of principle 1, two indicators are proposed, lagging indicators and leading indicators.

What is lag index?

Lag indicator is what you getrelevantdataBy the time, everything has happened and the results have been obtained.

For example, if you buy a car, how often does it break down? You can'tcontrolYes, because when it happens, you already know the result. This is a lag indicator.

For example,Ability to paystockNumber, hospitalization ratesales volume, academic performance, etc. these indicators you already know when they happen belong to lagging indicators.

What are leading indicators?

The leading indicator is that you canforeseeAnd controllable indicators. By controlling leading indicators, you can influence lagging indicators.

For example, you can control the maintenance of the carfrequency, affecting the frequency of its failure.

For example, you can adjustexcitationMeans to improveteamMemberWork enthusiasm, impactSales performance

For example, you can master more scientific learning methods and influence studentsexaminationResults.

The two most important characteristics of leading indicators are predictability and controllability.

What is predictability?

That is, once a leaderindexIf there is a change, we can infer how the lag index will change according to this change. For example, changing the frequency of servicing the car may affect the frequency of failurefrequency

What about controllability? Because the leading indicators can be influenced by the team, you can also rely on your own strength to change the leading indicators.

However, it is not easy to find leading indicators and influence lagging indicators by changing leading indicators.

How to find leading indicators?

There is a truth in the bookcase

There is a largeDrinkscompany, it has failed to reach the expected annual output for several consecutive yearstargetmanagerEspecially worried about this. He is eager to find leading indicators that can increase annual production.

Then, there is the following dialogue.

A: "What kind of indicator is a good leading indicator that can improve the annual output?"

Manager: "monthly output!"

A: "Sorry, we have to say: this indicator is difficult to use."

Manager: "why not? If we can reach the target of the current month every monthYield index, then it's no problem to complete the annual target! Right? "

A: "Compared with the annual output, there is no difference in the monthly output indexeffectAh? You just found an index of annual outputdataMore frequent lag indicators, but it is still a lagindex。”

A: "Is there any leading indicator of monthly output you understand?"

Manager: "every dayNissanQuantity! "

The conversation got bogged downbottleneckUntil the manager suddenly woke up.

"I see!" he shouted excitedly. "I finally understand the leading indicatorsshouldWhat is it! OursstaffOften not fullShift work, the machine is often shut down due to maintenance, which are the two biggest factors affecting the increase of our output! "

Managers have found leading indicators that can change results. By improvingefficiency, reduce machineDowntime, the output has really increased.

quite a lotteamFirst attempt to golocationYour own leading indicators may also be related to thisfactorymanagerSimilarly, appropriate indicators cannot be found quickly.

There are still a lot of itleader, it is easy to focus on lagging indicators that cannot be affected. For example,sales managerOnly careTotal sales, the customer service manager only cares aboutCustomer satisfaction, parents only care about their childrenexaminationResults, people who lose weight only care about weight numbers.

But focus on lagging indicators,actuallyIt's useless work.

Because it's the leading indicators that really change the results, youneedFind leading indicators and influence lagging indicators by changing leading indicators.

3. InsistexcitationGender Scorecard

Identified importanttarget, you know the leadership that can affect the resultsindex

so what?

You need to make sure everyone on the team knows whether they are ahead or behind.

If your team members don't know how effective they are doing, they will lose confidence in what they are doing.

If you can let them know whether they are doing well at any time in a scientific and reasonable way, they may redouble their investment.

Principle 3 is to transform lagging indicators and leading indicators into visible, tangible and quantifiable indicators.

How and how?

There are two tools: player Scorecard and coach scorecard.

What are the characteristics of these two scorecards?

Coaching ScorecarddataRich, but not intuitive enough. You have to spend a lot of time studying carefully to see how you perform, whether you are ahead or behind.

Player type scorecard is simple, direct and clear at a glance. You can see whether you are ahead or behind at a glance.

For example, the following is a player type scorecard, the goal is to increaseprofit, represented by a black line. Actual performance, represented by gray line. At any time, we can see whether we are behind or ahead, which is conducive to motivationteammemberTaxiGas.

Source: GaoefficiencyIllustration of 4 principles implemented by people

What is the use of a player Scorecard in a team?

You can intuitively see your achievements, know whether you are doing well or not at any time, and adjust the rhythm at any time.

Tell a story.

There is a very remote familyfactorytechnologyOutdated and remote. In the past 25 years, the factory has never met their standardsproductiontargetIn addition, theirproduct qualityThere are also problems, especially the inexperienced night shiftworkerofproductOverall productThe pass rate is only 70%, whilecompanyOther factoriesaverage valueIt's 80%.

The situation has changed since the player type scorecard was adopted.

For example, night shift workersworkThe results of them and day shift workers are compared on the scorecard. This gives them the energy to surpass the day workers anyway.

When the leader takes the leaddataIt is equivalent to providing direction for the backward. With direction, they know where to goneedimprovement.

How do you judge? A scorecard hasexcitationCompetitive Scorecard?

You can ask yourself four questions:

1. Is it simple enough, such as the score sheet of a football match, that every audience can understand.

2. Is it obvious that anyone can know which side is dominant at a glance.

3. Is it also leadingindexAnd lagging indicators, leading indicators areteamMembers can influence, and the lag index is what we finally want to achieve.

4. The law of five seconds, can you tell at a glance from the scorecard whether you are behind or ahead. If you can't tell whether you're behind or ahead from a scorecard in five seconds. Then this scorecard is not a good one.

4. Establish lawAccountability

Principles 1, 2 and 3 are drivingExecutive powerBut this is only the beginning of the story.

Oneorganization, execution alone is not enough. If everyone in the organization does what they think is most important, it is important when everyone works in different directionstargetIt will soon be replaced by daily affairs.

Therefore, we must ask Principle 4 and establish law accountability.

What is law accountability?

Is the performance of the past and the futurebehaviorplanRegular periodic accountability is also the link where execution really takes place.

what do you mean?

That is, you set up the framework of the game through principles 1, 2 and 3, and then put your team in it through regular accountability.

The specific way is to hold the most important goal every weekmeeting

In this meeting, you and everyone in the team should have a scorecard to promote the most important goals. At each important goal meeting, everyone has a leading role in the direct impactindexMake a plan and report the completion at the next meeting.

What's the use of this?

Tell a story.

MikelcompanyIt's the largest in Mexicoprivate enterpriseOne for many Mexicansenterpriseprovideenergysupport.

Every Monday morning, every department of the company holds the most important goal meeting.

These meetings are via videoTelephoneConnect to remoteterminalensureEveryone sees the same picture, every onemanagerThe displayed results are displayed on the screen for everyone to watch.

fromproductiontransportreachpersonnel mattersFinance, each department sends its own score sheet by e-mailsend outGive it to the whole company and update it frequently.

Everyone in this company, fromengineerTo the miners, including the cleaners, all knowteamThe most importanttarget

The accountability established at the most important goal meeting is individual oriented accountability, and everyone is responsible for their weekly workWork planbe responsible for.

Moreover, when reporting the results, everyone is not just reporting to the publicbossreportwork, also reporting to others.

If you don't do it in the meetingpromise, it is equivalent to breaking faith with all the people attending the meeting.

Therefore, in order not to lose faith with everyone, everyone will pay attention to the promised things and try to do them.

Last words

OneleaderThe results can be influenced from two most important aspects: one is specificstrategic planning , secondstrategyofExecutive ability

Which one do you think is more difficult? Most may say that implementation is more difficult!

Because the formulation of strategy depends more on leaders, but implementationneedThe cooperation and efforts of all.

The more people involved, the more difficult it is.

What should I do? There are four principles.

1. Help team members focus on the most important goals and then tier them.

2. Let's focus on leadershipindex, because leading indicators can affect or even change the results.

3. You need a simple and directexcitationGender scorecard. Make sure everyone on the team knows whether they are ahead or behind at any time.

4. Finally, you need to establish rulesAccountability, let yourteamStay in it and make sure it's importanttargetCompletion of.


Statement: This article only represents the author's point of view, not the position of MBA think tank.
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