If you don't know how to report, your work is in vain!

Work report”This topic, whether forcontroller, or for subordinates, usuallyworkPain and blind spots in.

What is the purpose of the report? Forleader, or for your subordinates?

As a manager, how to create an environment for subordinates to report actively? Facing the subordinates who come to report, do you worry about everything or let the subordinates judge independently?

Reporting is a science. Both the reporter and the reported should grasp the degree in order to make each other's work more effective. Below, enjoy:

Author: yukhiro Yoshida, a famous Japanese writercommunicateDesignerpersonnel trainingadviser. executive coach
Source:AdministrationCommon sense(ID: guanlidechangshi) excerpted from "learn to speak first, then take a lesson"team

01. I wish I had reported earlier

"Arrange subordinates to makenew productIntroduction. Although he submitted it the day before the deadline, it was too far from what I wanted, and I had to revise it all night. "

"Entrust subordinates to write inBoard of directorsNew published inprojectAlthough he handed in the plan three days in advance, the content was too rough, so I had to revise it myself. "

I've seen many managers fret about similar situations. They feel that instead of doing so, they might as well do it themselves from the beginning. But "handing over work to subordinates" is trainingpersonnelEssential initiatives.

actually, no matter what happens, as long as it is not discovered before the deadline, but confirmed in advance,controllerYou won't suffer a lot.

1. What is the purpose of the report

A in a nationaleducationThe broadcasting Department of the organizationexecutive director。 Whenever there is no clear deadline for subordinatesworkOr new work, he will set a deadline in advance.

However, he hopes to cultivate the autonomy of his subordinates as much as possible, so he leaves all his work to his subordinatesdecision, including the time to report to the manager halfway.

However, near the deadline, a often sees his subordinates in a hurry, so he tells his subordinates "I hope you report your work early".

modifyneedTime, so the manager's heart has been hanging, hoping that subordinates will report in advance.

Although there are also people who neglect to report, the reason why subordinates don't report halfway is mostly because they don't understand the real intention of their superiors.

Midway reporting does not exist to reassure managers. Its purpose is to enable managers to report to their subordinates in timeplanMake necessary adjustments.

At the same time, this is also to express the "improper behavior" of managers‘Shake hands, shopkeeper’"With subordinates"attitude

In BencaseThe problem is that subordinates do not understand "what is the purpose of reporting".

Due to the delay in reporting, it was found that the work direction appeared at the end of the deadlinedeviation, managers and subordinates will need more time to correct orReworkIt is also possible to stay up all night as described at the beginning of this sectiontask, maybe we can't meet the deadline.

So, whencontrollerWhen handing over work to subordinates, you need toregulationsMidway reporting time.

first-classwayIt is a clear time node for reporting, such as "achieve a certain stage" or "confirm at a few points on a few days".

This method can promote subordinates to report in time. However, with this practice alone, subordinates still do not understand "what is the purpose of reporting", and most of them will hand over their reports to managersimagineThere are gaps in the results.

2. Rework orOperation timeEstimate oferrorMinimize

And the otherexecutive directorBteamMembers can always deliver results close to their boss's imagination through timely reporting.

B another time is specified before the subordinate makes an interim report.

B is arrangingworkHe said to his subordinates, "in the next reportneedRework is a waste of time for you and me. Therefore, let's confirm it before work to prevent misunderstanding. Please give a rough idea, draft and outline in 1 hourweekdaysCheng took it out. "

B after giving instructions, make a decision immediately and reconfirm the complete idea and all informationworking procedureReporting time of the schedule.

Through confirmation after 1 hour, the estimation error of rework or operation time will be minimized. In addition, the manager can also determine whether there are misunderstandings among the subordinates and determine which process the subordinates may encounter difficulties or spend time in, so as to suit the remedy to the case.

In the team in charge of a, the midway reporter is often denied, so subordinates will not report to a certain extent. As a result, the things made are different fromcontrollerTheir intentions are very different, and they waste a lot of time on modification in vain.

The team in charge of B can find the relationship between the thinking direction of subordinates and managers from the beginningdeviationTherefore, it can correct the deviation in time. When reporting halfway, the subordinates will neither be "denied" nor waste time.

The word "midway report" may give people a stereotypefeelactually, if you can share the significance of Midway reporting with subordinates from the perspective of supporting their independent thinking, subordinates will be happy to report as soon as possible. a key: be careful, don't turn the report into a "negative subordinate" occasion. Effectively inform subordinates of the purpose of reporting to avoid wasting time.

02. EverythingAsk for instructions, it's worrying

Some subordinates areacceptAfter the task, he came again and again for instructions.

It's a good phenomenon to ask questions, but too many requests for instructions will occupy too much time of managers.

stayworkIt is better for subordinates to come for advice and instructions at this time than after the eventReworkOr modification is strong, but for those subordinates who ask for instructions in every detail, if managers always kindly answer one by one, they can't grow up.

The reason why subordinates ask for instructions in every detail is because they lack judgment benchmark and don't know they can do it by themselvespolicy decisionTo what extent.

Although managers often say to their subordinates, "you can do it according to your own judgment", the situation has not changed. In the opinion of subordinates, "you can't make mistakes at work", so they came to ask for instructions.

Therefore, the reason why subordinates ask for instructions in every detail lies incontrollerOn me. If you want subordinates to think independently, managersneedPay attention to the following key points.

1. Define the judgment basis

"You can think for yourself except for something." managers can clearly determine the benchmark of judgment.

actually, subordinates frequently ask for instructions because they don't know the scope and authority of the affairs they can judge. Therefore, it is clear thatto grant authorizationScope is very important.

At the same time, managers also need to predict the parts that subordinates may not be able to judge and prompt subordinates in advance, for example, if they encounter so and soshouldHow to solve it.

2. Throw the problem back to subordinates

When subordinates comeAsk for instructionsTry not to give an answer immediately when "what should I do". Managers can try to ask, "what do you think should be done?"

Of course, subordinates ask for instructions just because they don't know what to do. The focus of asking is to encourage subordinates to express their feelingsopinion, it doesn't matter if you're wrong.

Make subordinates form the habit of thinking independently and actively expressing opinions as much as possible. On this basis, if subordinates appear in the directiondeviation, the manager can correct it again.

However, there is a key point here, that is, even if subordinates put forward different opinions from themselves, managers should not immediately deny them, but first affirm each other with words such as "so you think so" and "this is also a train of thought".

Then, say what you think: "if it were me, I would do this..."

3. No blame

No matter how clear the authorization and instructions are,controllerUntil it is implementedplanOnly when I was aware of some necessary things, so I couldn't grasp all of them in advanceworkProcedure.

It is impossible for managers to know all the new situations like the back of their hands, and they can only rely on their subordinates to judge and solve them by themselves.

At this time, it is necessary for subordinates to think and solve problems on their own initiativebehavior, instead of criticizing, managers give feedback to their subordinates: "you can try to judge like this next time."

As long as there isconsciousnessContact subordinates according to the above points, and subordinates can judge and act independently. Cultivating subordinates' judgment can not only promote subordinates to grow faster, but also liberate managers' time.

Focus: provide judgment benchmark for subordinates and promote them to think independently. Even if the subordinate makes a wrong judgment, he does not immediately deny it, let alone blame the behavior caused by the subordinate's independent judgment.

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