The morning post "three links and one arrival", Baishi and Jitu said that the whole online dispatching fee; Byte hopping and coding VR service; Vivo announced that it would implement a two-day rest system

Morning, today is August 30, 2021,MBA think tankThe morning paper is coming!

1. Three connections and one access, BaishiPolar rabbitIndicates the whole network dispatching fee

FollowZhongtongTactfulsto , BaishiYundaAfter that, Jitu also said that it would pay the whole online transfer fee. as report goes,Extreme rabbit ExpressOn the evening of August 28, an announcement was issued on the intranet, announcing that the courier delivery fee of the whole network will increase by 0.1 yuan per ticket from September 1. Polar rabbit officials said that the increase in the distribution fee is in response tocountryOn being a good courier formulated by the seventh departmentgrouplegitimateRights and interestsguaranteeworkofopinion》, implementState Post BureauSpecific deployment on ensuring the rights and interests of couriers. At the same time, this action is also to effectively improve the protection of the rights and interests of couriers and realizenetworkStability and development. So far,Market shareAt the forefront of six express companies, including Zhongtong, Yuantong, Shentong, Baishi, Yunda and JituenterpriseMake it clear that the whole network dispatching fee. (quickscience and technology

2、Byte runoutAcquisitionPico, overweightVRbusiness

29, VR(virtual realityStart a businesscompanyPico issued a full letter disclosing that the company was acquired by Pico. It is reported that Pico will incorporate VR with byte beatingrelevantBusiness,integrationContents of bytesresourcesandtechnologyability, willIn productresearch and developmentAnd developers increase investment in ecology. Pico was founded in 2015 by the currentCEOFounded by Zhou Hongwei,Goer sharesIs itsStrategic supplier。 It is reported that Pico will incorporate byte beating VR related businesses, integrate byte content resources and technical capabilities, and increase investment in product R & D and developer ecology. (Interface)Journalism

3、VivoOfficial announcement: the two-day rest system will be implemented from September 13

28, vivoCultureAn official document announced that vivo would implement the two-day rest system from September 13, and excitedly said: "from now on, we also have two-day rest! Let's move towardsstaffCreate a happy and enterprising atmosphereEnterprise missionKeep working hard! "(ITHome)

4、TeslaAmazonSamsung ElectronicsExpress oppositionYingweidaAcquisitionArm

29thnews, according to foreign media reports citing multiple sources, TeslaChief executive officerElon MuskElon Musk)AgainstchipmanufacturerNVIDIA's acquisition of arm, a British chip designerplan, he's rightAcquisitionExpressed concern thatmarket competition Will have adverse effects. ShouldmediaIt is also reported that in addition to musk,science and technologyGiant Amazon andSamsung ElectronicsAlso expressed opposition to NVIDIA's plan to acquire arm. In response to the above news, Tesla did not respond to media requests for comment, while Amazon andSamsungBoth declined to comment. Earlier, NVIDIA proposed to pay 54 billion yuandollarAcquisition of the British chip designer. Recently, a source revealed that NVIDIA may seek early next montheuropean unionApproval of the acquisition plan. (Techweb)

5、HuaweiHongmeng harmonyOS2 upgradeuserMore than 70 million, further away from breaking 100 million

It was reported on the 29th that Huawei harmony OS 2 upgrade users have exceeded 70 million, which is no longer far from the 100 million mark. Most netizens believe that there is no problem breaking 100 million within this year. At Huawei's press conference on July 29 this year,Yu ChengdongSaid that Huawei harmonyos 2.0 has more than 40 million users, which is a milestone record,averageEight users are upgraded every second. according toCCTV, Huawei HongmengsystemThe number of upgraded users has exceeded 50 million as of August 6. In less than a month, Huawei harmonyos 2.0 users increased by another 20 million, which is an amazing speed. (ITHome)

6. Polar kryptonCEOAn Conghui:companyFirst roundfinancingOnly forStrategic investorsOpening up, there will be several rounds of financing in the futureIPO

auspiciousautomobileIts high-end intelligent electricbrandAn Conghui, CEO of extreme krypton, said that the pre-A round of financing of extreme krypton is specifically open to strategic investors and does not represent the future valuation of extreme krypton. Then there are several rounds of financing until the IPO is realized. On the 27th, polar krypton was capturedIntel Capital Five companies such as $500 million pre-A roundinvestment。 (Financial Associated Press)

7. Middle aged and elderly in ChinanetizenThe scale is nearly 300 million, middle-aged and elderlygroupThe growth rate of Internet users is the fastest

On the 27th, the 48th ChinainternetNetwork developmentStatistical report》Release. As of June this year, the number of Internet users in China has exceeded 1 billion, and the Internet penetration rate has reached 71.6%. billionuserAccess to the Internet has formed the largest digital network in the worldSociology, personal andEconomicsSocial life is also changing. 《report》It shows that as of June this year, the number of Internet users in China has reached 1.011 billion, an increase of 21.75 million over December last year. Among the 1011 million Internet users, 1007 million aremobile phoneInternet users, accounting for 99.6%. In terms of Internet users, the middle-aged and elderly groups have the fastest growth rate. Internet users aged 50 and over account for 28%, with a scale of nearly 300 million. Significant progress has been made in the aging of the Internet. (CCTVFinance and Economics)

8. South Poleonline retailersrespondSenior management teamChange:teamAll the staff are here. The cooperation mode has changed

On the evening of the 28th, a report disclosed by Antarctic E-commerceInvestor relationsactivityThe record table shows that for the reasons for the large replacement of the senior management team, Antarctic e-commerce said that the team members were all there and the cooperation mode changed. The aim is to keep them away from the futurefactoryCloser, closerconsumerCloser, closer to the customer service waiter, closer to the expressdeliver goodsMy sophomore is closer and closer to medataCloser. New executives doinnovateofproject, in the backgroundAdministrationFollowservice。 (100 million euros)

9、TeslaplanSelling electricity in the United States

Tesla recently said it had sent a report to Texaspublic utilitycommitteeSubmit an application and hope to pass itssubsidiary"TeslaenergyVenture capital company”Sell to userspower, the committee will be held in November this yeardecisionWhether to approve Tesla's application. The electricity sold by Tesla mainly comes from the power grid or the electricity produced by TeslaBattery。 At the same time, Tesla can also make those homes equipped withSolar cellTexas residents on the board share electricity,userYou can make money by selling excess electricity to the grid. It is reported that Tesla's subsidiary is building an energy storage battery project of more than 100 MW in Texas, which can supply power to about 20000 families in hot summer. In February this year, Texas encountered extremely cold weather, resulting in a large area of power in the statesupplyInterrupt. The Texas Utilities Commission said that since then, some electricitysupplierHas withdrawn from the localmarketAt present, several new suppliers have submitted applications and hope to apply in TexassaleElectricity. (36 krypton)

10. "Double minus"policyLanding, Shenzhen swimmingtrainHot market

Since the introduction of the "double reduction" policy, many placessubjectA large number of such training were cancelled, while sports training was "bursting", and some popular projects were difficult to find. Swimming in Shenzhen Sports Center at the end of AugustDivingThe children in the library are undergoing all kinds of training. According to reports, the swimming pool currently has 1800 students, most of whom are primary and secondary school students in school. The reporter learned that swimming training is the hottest sports training for primary and middle school students in ShenzhenprojectFirst, due to the limited number of venues, some swimming training courses can only register new students when there are spare places. The reporter learned that previously, Shenzhenministry of educationThe door has issued a policy. From 2021, the sports score of Shenzhen high school entrance examination will be increased to 50 points, which has given sports trainingindustryIt has brought a lot of students, and the implementation of the "double reduction" policy will undoubtedly bring double benefits to sports trainingmarket demand。 (SinaFinance and Economics)

11、VankeReleased in 2021 and a halfannual report: revenue of 167.1 billion

On the 29th, Vanke released the 2021 and a halfAnnual report, implementationbusiness income167.11 billion yuan, belonging tolisted companyshareholderNet profit11.05 billion yuan; realizationcontractThe sales amount is 354.43 billion yuan,Year on year growth10.6%。 (EconomicsObservation network)

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