Prisoner's dilemma in game theory: mankind must "lie flat" after all

lying flat”This word is so hot that you are embarrassed to tell others that you haven't heard of it.

The author does not want to judge "lying flat" from a personal levelbehavior, because everyone has a choicelife styleofRight to freedomLi, he would like to talk about the reason and significance of "lying flat" from the process of the development of human civilizationtrend

Author: Qian Ziyan
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01. Desire and giving:economicsofSupply and demand balance

"Lying flat" expresses such a feelingemotion

In the contradiction between desire and instinct in the parallel universe, I prefer to exchange less desire for less pay. This is a struggle launched by "instinct" against "desire", but it is a powerless struggle that ultimately fails.

Since ancient times,industrial civilization Behind the development, the driving force of every leap forward comes from human desire to pursue laziness and comfort.

Once people set foot on the accelerating treadmill of desire, they can only constantly tap their ownpotentialTo adapt to the constantly increasing speed of the roller, you can't stop if you want to stop.

In this way, it's more abstract. I'll use the actual scene to describe what desire represents“demand”Constantly compromising with instinct“supply”Terminal output.

Each of us has two roles:

Producer,productionEmbedded inSocial division of laborThe maker in the torrent passes through with his own body and timecooperationComplete various demand supply in a waydeliver

In the chart below, I specifically list the current situation“lying flat”The most urgent Chinese fast life scene and the European slow life scene in contrast.

Hunger must be solved within 20 minutes. I see my favorite on the InternetmatterYou have to place an order for two productsmobile phoneOne for the public and one for the private. The above desires are not free lunch. Everyone can enjoy themProduct serviceConsumers, but alsoCompanyInsideengineerprogrammerThe executive roles of various suppliers, such as copywriters and planners.

It can be said that without the invention of double 11, there would be No12 hours a day 6 days a weekofwork overtimeGive. If someone wants to keep watch and grab orders, someone has to stand by all night.

Desire and giving, this iseconomicsofSupply and demand balance, some people don't want to pay and want to get a moment of "lying flat" by reducing their desire for life. This is not the young generationHuman behaviorArt, but a collective reflection of the development of human civilization to this node.

actually, this kind of reflection is in the international communitySociologyIt's already spoken.

imageAustralian UniversityLeah, northern Europe and, in some cases, the United StateswelfareThe society that pursues life with slow life has long expressed its "desperate" attitude towards Chinawork, sacrificeself”Yeslife styleYour dissatisfaction.

stayBCIBefore, there had already beenFLAFair Labour AssociationFair Labor Associationorganization)There are clear restrictions on overtimeregulations, we will feel that these organizations are overbearing. Why should they be willing to do something just because they want to be your friendssupplier, I have to limitworkerOvertime?

In fact, it's essentially what they wantlying flatAnd you have to work hard. Didn't you force him to die? This is a clash of lifestyles.

02、Game theoryMediumPrisoner's dilemma

When I was working in Germany, I once pulled out four wisdom teeth and my cheeks were so swollen that my chin hung upside down. In fact, it was just ugly to eat. I didn't feel too uncomfortable. I lay at home for two days and went to work.

As a result, my head persuaded me back: what do you think of others like this? If you want to work, I'll give you a remote internet accessaccount, just sneak at home. Don't come to the office.

This is a bit like the prisoner's dilemma in game theory.

First quadrant, I win and you lose.

You lie flat out, I constantly iterate and optimize my play,Winner take all。 ChineseHuaweiMode, people can'timitateYour "striver agreement", so, usemarket accessLimiting ways limit your strengths.

Quadrant four, I lose and you win.

I can't keep up, so I lie flat and admit defeat. Now some young people's choices belong to this quadrant.

The second quadrant, win-win mode.

Everybodylying flat, why fight? Not evencram school, isn't it the same?

This is aidealRegion, but the ideal is the ideal after all. Unless we trust each other and build consensus, as long as a parent wants to get it by opening a small stovecompetitive edge, a second parent followed suit and formedtheater effect , thoroughInvolution

The third quadrant, the double lose model, is closer to realityCultureParents in the world choose to fight hard, not to mention cross-borderCross cultureI trust you.

The evolution of human civilization is like a train. When everyone comes to this world, it is like being crammed into a carriage by his parentsglobalizationHowever, it strengthened the communication between the carriages, and the result of the communication was to make the train run faster and faster.

Where's the direction? PressThe second law of thermodynamicsFinally, fullyexchangeAfter reaching the dead balance, it moves towards chaos and decline.

03. As long as your heart is flat, you don't have to care about the posture of standing and lying

What to do? The general trend is irreversible. This is the fate set by human ancestors at the moment when they were expelled from the garden of Eden. But the small situation can still be done. As for each of usindividual, we have two things to do:

1. Reduce desire

Since desire is the fuel of the train, it is appropriatecontrolCheck the fuelsupplyIt doesn't matter if husband and wife live apart and see each other once a week. Why develop a complex machine that can carry out remote real experience with a helmet?

It's really cool, but you have to understand that it's you12 hours a day 6 days a weekIn exchange for your pay, as aProsumerofsupplyAndconsumerCombination, are you really willing to pay so much for those luxury options?

It's like you spend a million to upgrade a Passat to luxuryBenz, your pleasure is only experienced when it is found at the triennial classmate party.

2. Returnself

AdlerIt has been said that human misfortune lies in comparison with others. In his book formula for success, barabras also said that human success is caused bySociologydefinitionHowever, our Lao Zhuang had such a profound understanding as early as 2000 years ago that he lost himselfmatter, those who lose their nature to the common people are called inverted people.

What we can do is to adjust our mood, pay more attention to the scenery outside the window and experience more mental pleasureflow

Your seat is not the best viewing platform. Why don't you jump out of thisthinkingFrame, look at yourself, and live your life like a landscape?

When I write an article, it is an experience of returning to myself without evaluating otherslife style, but to live your present moment well. Don't limit yourself by the formula of social success, but use your own interests to define a human life method of creating joy.

Life is too short. Try to live the present moment instead of adding fuel to the desire train.

As a human race, you and I have to be one by one after alllying flatYes, if every day I live, I'm just accelerating the train to the end, which is a bit of the rhythm of doomsday maniacs.

As long as your heart is flat, you don't have to care about the posture of standing and lying.

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