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Morning post | New Oriental set up an off campus trusteeship service company; Amazon responded to the "title" for the first time; QQ supports tiktok Taobao

Now, when you enter Taobao domain name and tiktok domain name on QQ, you can jump to the corresponding website without copying links to browsers.


The "care model" has been added to the wechat beta version of morning post; China Unicom responded to the difficulty of number carrying network transfer; Evergrande motor has plummeted continuously, and its market value has "evaporated" 600 billion yuan

The reporter learned from several independent sources that a music streaming media product will be launched in China in the second half of this year. At present, the product has entered a key development stage


Lu Xun's favorite Kong Yiji: when you see other people's jokes, you have become a joke

Mr. Lu Xun is always good at telling stories, telling tragedies, and not only the protagonist in the story is a tragedy, but also all supporting actors and onlookers have become tragedies.


Morning post | the physical layout of JD is accelerated; Ministry of Education: during the mid autumn National Day holiday, teachers and students are encouraged to celebrate the festival on the spot; Meituan strictly prohibits inducing and forcing riders to register as individual businesses

Fu Linghui, spokesman of the National Bureau of statistics, said in response to relevant issues related to Evergrande group that some large real estate enterprises have encountered some difficulties in the operation process, and the impact on the development of the whole industry needs to be observed.


Morning post | New Oriental online K12 business shut down or cut 4000 teachers; UNIQLO boss falls into Japan's richest man; National Health Code and travel code realize two codes in one

It was reported on the 14th that takeko Kawasaki, founder of Japanese electronic sensor manufacturer keens, has surpassed UNIQLO boss Masayoshi Yanai to become Japan's richest man.


You should know, three layers of wisdom (dry goods)

Game is the third wisdom of life. Concentration is the second wisdom of life. Choice is the first wisdom of life.


What is the meta universe?

Yuan universe, still need to care. But be more concerned about your own universe.


5 easy to use communication skills: how to make others dig out their hearts and lungs for you?

If you leave your working relationship, you can talk about establishing "private friends".


Don't believe it, the way you speak is affecting your life!

Communication is an art of practice, "knowing" is only the first step, "doing" is the way to make change happen.


The time has come for good people to make money! Avoid these six pitfalls and you can achieve excellence

Only by adhering to the strategic value, firm goal and direction, and "not regretting despite nine deaths", can we "be the top of the mountain and see all the small mountains".


Structured interview question bank and 101 selected interview questions

Recruitment interview question bank and skills


Morning post | Dongfang Youbo, the K12 business of New Oriental online, decided to close; Meituan was sentenced to 1 million yuan for starvation; Tencent responds to interconnection requirements

On the 13th, apple responded to a lawsuit with Epic Games, saying that Apple's business model would not change. The business model had been approved to be legal, and the court had ruled that the previous agreements signed between apple and developers were valid.


The huge loss of 17.9 billion in the past was praised by hundreds of millions of netizens: silent China Post has supported the backbone of 1.4 billion Chinese people

China post is a little slow, but within the territory, the mission will be achieved.


Morning post | SF responded to "sign for confirmation" by adding one yuan; The Ministry of industry and information technology requires Tencent Alibaba to unblock website links; Xiaomi Leijun and FAW Group discuss cooperation

Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Consumer Protection Commission issued a document saying that consumers had reflected that when using the SF EXPRESS + WeChat official account to send express, we found that the company provided a value-added service named "sign confirmation", with a charge of 1 yuan.


A comprehensive analysis of Toyota production mode TPS (just in time, automation and improvement)

The core of Toyota production mode