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MBA think tank information, bringing together mainstream business management news in China


The word "carbon neutralization" will affect China in the next 40 years

Is carbon neutralization really irrelevant to you?


A neglected fact: few people go to bank outlets! What about the bank?

How long has it been since you went to the bank?


Hangzhou start landlord direct sale? The real estate agent is going to be cancelled? Is there any play in the shell of the sharp decline in share prices?

Hangzhou starts the landlord direct sale mode?


What are primary distribution, redistribution and tertiary distribution?

To distribute wealth, one-time distribution is not enough. We need to build a systematic distribution method.


In 2021, the launching ceremony of Xiamen entrepreneurship guidance expert service and the theme entrepreneurship salon activity of "Celebrating the centennial of the founding of the party • exhibiting the style of makers" were successfully held

A hundred years after the founding of the party, makers write a chapter.


On the first day of listing, the breaking price plummeted by 25%. Is there any way to save the first fresh stock from the daily sharp decline?

Is there any way to save the daily excellent food that has fallen sharply?


Ren Zhengfei's latest voice: Huawei must watch the awakening age if it wants to prevent the inner volume

Ren Zhengfei said, "Huawei, like bdelloid rotifers, is a single gene culture, which requires multi gene conflict and multi gene fusion to produce mutations. These mutations are conducive to the outbreak of potential."


Naixue's tea is finally going on the market. Is the 30 billion milk tea worth so much money?

Is the 30 billion milk tea worth so much money?


Thousands of highways have their own scenery. Chinese travel takes good gifts and invites you to travel together

Thousands of roads have their own scenery. Chinese travel invites you to travel with good gifts.


Peking University Mathematics Wizard "Wei Shen" brush burst the circle of friends: how should ordinary people master economic thinking?

"Understanding economy and financial management" has increasingly become a just need silently recognized by everyone, especially young people.


Buffett, 91, revealed his successor: if he steps down, vice chairman Abel will be the successor

The successor of the $642.5 billion financial empire is set!


The scale of Tianhong yu'e Bao has fallen below trillion. Isn't the leader of the monetary fund fragrant?

Why is the leading leader of the monetary fund suddenly out of flavor?


The 17th China Commercial Bank Informatization Development Strategy Summit Forum

In the era of Xinchuang, accelerating the construction of financial informatization and establishing a unified financial data governance standard and data governance structure has extremely important practical significance and value for the construction of modern economic system of financial services.


Ruixing received US $250 million in financing. How did Ruixing survive with a market value of US $2.6 billion?

Ruixing at least survived now, but whether it can score twice depends on the level of Ruixing's management. Whether it can get rid of the previous shadow is the problem that Ruixing needs to solve most!


Forbes released the list of global billionaires in 2021: Bezos ranked first, musk soared second, and China's richest man Zhong Shuo ranked 13

Jeff Bezos, who is about to become the former CEO of Amazon, has topped this year's rich list for the fourth consecutive year. Elon Musk soared to No. 2 from No. 31 last year.