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How to understand financial statements? Clearly interpret the four types of financial indicators

How to understand financial statements


How to do financial analysis well? Just do four key steps

Financial analysis, read one is enough


Enterprise and enterprise loan (stamp tax)

Stamp duty on corporate and corporate borrowings.


Tax treatment: enterprise and enterprise loan (enterprise income tax)

Heavy! Worth collecting!


Enterprise and enterprise loan - value added tax

If the interest charged by the unified borrower to the fund user is not higher than the loan interest rate paid to the financial institution or the bond coupon interest rate paid, it shall be exempted from value-added tax.


How to write an excellent financial analysis report? (tools and cases attached)

Financial management analysis tools, systems, workbooks and cases


I suggest you learn to read these three financial statements

In order to make accurate judgment, I suggest you must learn to read three financial statements: cash flow statement, income statement and balance sheet.


10 necessary business analysis tools for financial managers

Financial management toolbox


At the end of the year, how to formulate the financial budget for next year?

I hope you can develop the most suitable budget system and use budget guidance to support your business and strategy.


3 key points to analyze how to write a financial analysis report (with a famous enterprise template case)

What is included in the financial analysis report? What are the main structures? How to better write enterprise financial analysis report?


Finance must have 10 classic analysis tools to make correct financial management and decision-making

Financial management toolbox


Everyone must have financial thinking: only with financial thinking can we understand the secrets of the industry

I wish you can master the high-level language of finance as soon as possible, use it to see through the business world and master industry secrets.


Chen Chunhua: financial management for growth allows enterprises to survive the crisis

Good companies are always financially prepared.


Depreciation is like a "Porter"

How to understand the dynamic accounting balance equation?


How to judge whether the performance of enterprises before listing is good?

As long as you are still struggling for survival, don't talk about becoming a Buddha.