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Lu Xun's favorite Kong Yiji: when you see other people's jokes, you have become a joke

Mr. Lu Xun is always good at telling stories, telling tragedies, and not only the protagonist in the story is a tragedy, but also all supporting actors and onlookers have become tragedies.


If you choose the wrong major in college, is it really over?

I wish every student who is worried about his major can find the exit to the ideal future one day earlier.


From foreign HR to professional diving coach, I lived the life I wanted

In other words, I want to live as a living self, rather than living my life as a backwater.


Entertainment to death: don't let short videos become "cognitive degeneracy"

Opportunity cost may be the largest cost.


You are the only one who can pay for life

I hope we can all learn to embrace ourselves, not to take the evaluation of others as a value mapping, but to become our own mirror.


"A master who publishes papers in a top journal returns home to be a civil servant": the top self-discipline of adults is to restrain the desire to correct others

"The trouble with people lies in being a teacher."


After Wu Yifan and Qian Feng, I want to talk to you about the role model

"If my life example encountered the same situation as me, what would he do?"


The six most classic sentences in "living" are full of tears at the first reading

The writer Yu Hua uses his plain and vigorous style to condense the whole era by one person, taking us through the meaning of time, life, death and life.


At the railway station at 4 a.m., tear open the cruelest truth of life: reading chicken soup 100 times is better than experiencing a late night life

The small railway station hides all kinds of life. Where you can't see, there are more heartache than you can imagine.


This article is worth millions and may affect your destiny

You know the method, but there is no corresponding action.


Ma Weidu: a person's life is doomed

A hundred years of life is fleeting.


10 books help you improve your vision and pattern: innovative design, thinking improvement, workplace rules, business model

Recommend good books you can't miss


What are you worried about? Professor Liu Qing has these 20 thoughts

In the process of shaping self, it does not necessarily need disciplinary philosophy, but it needs a philosophical wisdom and philosophical way of thinking.


Zhouyi: the honor, disgrace, success or failure of a person's life depend on this

Know and then don't retreat, know existence but don't die, know gain but don't lose.


Why do you help people become enemies?

Why is it that such a good act of helping others in an emergency will help others become enemies?