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12 commonly used practical marketing management and analysis tools

Ideas, methods and tools of market analysis


Analysis of 149 world classic marketing cases, revealing the key to the success or failure of enterprises

Analysis collection of world classic marketing cases


Chen Chunhua: the key to enterprise leadership - creating market

Today, when the needs of customers have been over satisfied, what can enterprises do to further create the market?


12 details you need to know about how salespeople visit customers efficiently

How to improve customer favor


The essence of negotiation is to let the opponent win and benefit himself

The premise of cooperation is to get out of the thinking of "I must defeat you" and find common interests.


8 kinds of operational thinking necessary for operators (with mind map)

How to cultivate operational thinking?


The purpose of business is to create and retain customers

Service marketing is an independent and rigorous discipline. Under the new social economic form and the trend of commodity homogenization and consumption upgrading, people should pay more attention to service marketing and realize transactions through services.


Develop key customer resources and win competitive advantages from these six aspects

Development and maintenance of key customers


How to plan the event? 8 steps to build the whole process strategy (with selected cases)

Event planning case


How to design an effective sales commission scheme? These six are the most representative

Sales commission scheme (full)


How to write an activity plan (dry goods recommendation!)

Activity planning scheme template


There are 20 common sales transaction methods to handle the sales of key customers

Key account sales strategies and methods


Chen Chunhua: three basic requirements for building a marketing team

With the diversification of customer experience and customer needs, a single salesman has been unable to meet customer needs. Instead, the marketing team has emerged.


Chen Chunhua: what is "customer value"? How should enterprises treat?

In business, customer value is the core element that can not be ignored. It is a basic value orientation to measure all your behaviors within the company, the arrangement of all resources, and all solutions to problems.


Master the seven sales transaction methods to double your sales performance

How to improve sales performance?