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2021 top 15 year-end inventory of popular topics (strategy, performance, workplace, Huawei, Gantt chart, thinking...)

Annual hot topic inventory


How to turn to a trainer at the age of 35 and how to establish a problem-solving routine?

If you want to continue to develop, there are four points to consider.


Work and life, don't let yourself be easily overwhelmed by small forces

In this realistic and cruel market, what we can do is to make our strength bigger, less power around us, and we can have more room.


Why do I suggest you refuse these sidelines?

What is a good sideline that is easy to adhere to for a long time?


Why do "difficult and right" things?

It is difficult to judge the "difficult and correct" thing, because the right is often not in front of us, but the difficulty is in front of us.


From the perspective of the next 20 years, I give you these three suggestions

Most of us might as well walk far as run fast. And to go far, you must live long.


Layoffs in large factories are just the beginning: you must be prepared for these in the next five years

The organization is to build barracks. It must constantly strengthen itself. Anyone can do it.


Please be prepared to lose your job at any time within 5 years

May we be sober and determined.


Top 10 tips to teach you how to write a year-end summary without performance

What grudges do I have with you? You want me to write a year-end summary!


After the age of 35, I don't recommend you to enter a big company again

When you are young, you can carry it. Once you pass 35, it is difficult.


You are capable and your boss is so stupid. Why do you work for him?

If you are good at raising and solving problems, you must be very good at both working and starting a business.


Necessary and efficient tools for personal time management: GTD, 28 law, four quadrant principle

Work efficiently to enjoy life


Why learn skills that may be useless?

Let the future prepare now, will better meet the future.


Why do people who only do executive work never grow up?

People who can make money will never see how much they can earn in this order, but how much they can earn in the next ten or 100 orders.


The truth of high paying jobs: Multiple Ability

The value created by physical labor has a ceiling. No matter how powerful a person is, there is a limit to the value that can be generated by working with both hands.