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The most essential difference between people lies in their cognitive level

I hope you can continue to practice and become a master in the field as soon as possible.


Work life, how can we have enough sleep?

So, how can we have enough sleep?


How about a company depends on the corporate culture

The highest level of a successful enterprise is cultural success.


More important than qualifications is a person's learning ability

What determines the height of life is one's learning ability.


How to build effective trust?

How to really build the trust of identity


How to achieve "high-dimensional" thinking?

When you have more high-dimensional thinking, maybe more than half of the people, or even 90% of the people.


Whether a leader is worth following is enough to see these three points

Following the leaders who can win the war is the greatest opportunity for career development, because you can participate in winning the war.


Write on your 45th Birthday and share these insights with you

If you feel that everything around you is being torn apart, anxiety is normal.


How to sleep and work most efficiently?

Before compressing sleep time, let's take a look. Why do people sleep?


Chen Chunhua: leaders need the ability to face the future

Facing the future, leaders should know the four most important words: technology, data, creation and wisdom.


The five abilities of managers to manage effectively and guard against these five implementation misunderstandings

Manager's objectives, plans and Implementation


How to release emotional stress within 10 minutes? (recommended Collection)

When emotions come, how do you deal with them? Some people avoid by getting drunk and others avoid by buying. These are not the fundamental methods.


High expectations are the beginning of destroying a person

But too much is better than less. Too much expectation will destroy a person.


How do really powerful managers "rest"?

"No matter how much failure you encounter, never give up your position as a leader.".


Real experts are good at "simplifying" complex problems

Why do we need simplicity and how can we achieve simplicity?