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Don't discuss strategy with people who don't have executive power

The strategy of not falling to the ground is a castle in the air. People without executive power are just talking on paper.


Do not understand these 7 points, your so-called "double disk" is useless!

Both double disk and AAR methods better establish the causal relationship between things through observation and analysis.


Strategic planning classic framework system "seven steps" to upgrade strategic thinking

Strategic Planning Manual


Talent inventory best practices, key 6 steps and common tools analysis

Talent Inventory -- a tool for enterprise talent integration


Chen Chunhua: past experience is no longer enough. Five concepts must be changed for enterprise survival

"Organizations with symbiotic beliefs have the enthusiasm to cooperate with other organizations for common development."


How to use "bottom logic" to see the cards in the world?

I hope you can constantly create new methodologies through "bottom logic + environmental variables", see the cards in the world, and always be like a duck to water.


Chen Chunhua: eight characteristics of sustainable growth enterprises

What are the common characteristics of a value enterprise?


You are not without focus, but without structure: how to analyze problems effectively?

Structured thinking and expression is the key to effective analysis of problems.


Unfortunately, this carnival of sudden wealth belongs to only a few people

In any case, don't be a bystander of others' sudden wealth.


Liu run talks to Xiong Yi: How did the ancient war work?

Ancient war is a grand topic with limited space. We can only see the big from the small.


Bezos: all efforts should focus on one point

This is Bezos, his fourteen leadership, and those Jeff doctrine, which have achieved a trillion dollar market value of Amazon.


Champion model: Su Bingtian's important "magic weapon"

From his growth story, we found something that can be applied to ourselves.


"Never talk about money with people without a pattern."

Those who go for money often can't make money. Money is just a passing result.


Second place strategy: smart Pig Game

Today we talk about the very important "smart pig game" in game theory, which is the second strategy.


12 management analysis tools (fishbone diagram, brainstorming, service golden triangle, space matrix, SCOR Model...)

Essential strategic tools