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MBA think tank information, bringing together mainstream business management news in China


It's very controversial. What's the matter with station B?

Take it


Microblog heard by HKEx? What is the future of the secondary listing of microblog with 500 million months of life?

In fact, the secondary listing of microblog is not difficult. What is difficult is how to tell the story after listing, and how old microblog can give the market more fresh expectations, which is the biggest problem.


Yu Minhong: moved. admire. Blessing.

The era of education and training is over. be moved. admire. Blessing.


2021 6th annual global leaders ceremony and launching ceremony of "her power center" (Shanghai)

In order to help professional women in China better cope with the changing era, Ruiwen she power will hold the sixth annual global leadership ceremony on November 21.


Double 11 cold, numb, emo? Is that true?

Wei machine has no four volts, and Qihu is not difficult to get off.


Bidding must kill secret script | master these bidding skills and win with one hit!

Super detailed bidding process and specific steps


Modern and imperial copyrights have returned successively. What do you think of the future of Netease cloud music?

Whether Netease cloud music can seize market opportunities and truly overtake in corners depends on the performance of Netease cloud music itself. We might as well focus on it.


Musk angered the United Nations: it's no problem to donate 6 billion. Get the bill!

Comrade Ma, if you refuse, won't your conscience hurt?


Dialogue with Robert theodoni, the "father of influence", to determine the influence in the future!

The author of "influence", a classic work of social psychology that has been popular all over the world for 35 years, has 5 million readers and millions of praise. Robert theodoni, the father of influence, is about to make his first show in China!


From the Li Ziqi incident, we can see the game between wanghong and MCN institutions

The game between wanghong and MCN institutions is also a game between capital and talents.


What great changes will take place in China's express delivery pattern when Jitu buys Baishi express for 6.8 billion?

At present, the merger of Jitu and Baishi is opening a new era of China's express industry. Isn't such a merger worthy of our more attention?


The third quarterly report of kangxinuo was released. What are the opportunities of kangxinuo under the globalization of vaccine?

In the context of the globalization of vaccine popularization, where are the opportunities for kangxinuo?


In 2021, the benchmark data of China's software industry was officially released in Beijing

On October 22, 2021, the annual China software estimation Conference opened in Beijing.


Two possible opportunities after Interconnection

No matter whether Tencent or Ali is good after getting through, our merchants are the best.


Outstanding performance and humanistic spirit: you are invited to attend the 2021 commemoration of Peter Drucker China Management Forum

In order to enable more people to benefit from Drucker's thought and apply what they have learned in combination with the current enterprise development practice, Peter Drucker's China Management Forum came into being.