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MBA think tank information, bringing together mainstream business management news in China


Nail vision, detonate the whole link digitization

Wish nailing a new journey and look forward to its explosion in the whole link.


Liu run talks to red star Macalline Zhu Jiagui: how to find dividends in the Red Sea

Bless all enterprises that seriously help users solve problems, as well as red star Macalline.


With a valuation of 20 billion and more than 10000 stores, can the honey snow ice city rush to the market really be called the king of tea?

It seems that there is no great obstacle to the listing of honey Snow Ice City, but the risk of honey snow ice city is always worthy of our attention.


Lenovo Group returns to raise 10 billion a shares. How much Lenovo can give the market?

Can Lenovo's return bring more Lenovo to the market? What should we think?


From string to spicy soup, steamed buns, hot and dry noodles, KFC or foreign fast food we know?

Do you like hamburgers, French fries or steamed buns with spicy soup?


Meilan brand rebirth? Can Meilan, whose founders have resigned, save Meizu from being marginalized?

Whether Meilan can save the marginalized Meizu can only be said to be possible, but it is very difficult. How Meizu can save depends on its own performance.


SF express sign for confirmation, charge 1 yuan more? Is SF raising prices in disguise or for another reason?

Is SF's express receipt a disguised price increase?


The huge loss of 17.9 billion in the past was praised by hundreds of millions of netizens: silent China Post has supported the backbone of 1.4 billion Chinese people

China post is a little slow, but within the territory, the mission will be achieved.


Come and meet Ali's mother

We look forward to seeing it more innovative and create more value for the society in a higher openness.


Talk about "aunt Qian": franchise stores lose more and more. What's wrong?

Bless aunt Qian. Wish every enterprise with ideal.


What exactly did Bezos's 24 shareholder open letters say?

There is no doubt that Amazon is a great company.


What is the e-commerce logic of station B after making crowdfunding explosion?

Standing in the "city" loved by young people, station B will provide users with various consumption scenes of eating, drinking and playing, so that they can live and work here. This is the core business ecology and business model ecology of station B.


Liu run talks to the Yellow Sea: new consumption prospects. After the "three and a half meals", who will rush out of the track?

The topic of "new consumption" is so important. It's a trend. It's the future.


How to build personal brand IP under the new retail outlet of social networking?

The essence of new social retail is to use the relationship of mutual trust between users to operate, and the personal brand IP that can carry users' trust is becoming more and more important. Personal brand IP has become the driver of the new social retail model.


Background color of Jingdong

Recently, a major event in the financial circle is that fortune magazine released the latest list of the world's top 500 enterprises. Not surprisingly, China once again surpassed the United States to become the country with the largest number of enterprises on the list.