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MBA think tank information, bringing together mainstream business management news in China


Maxim of the founder of McKinsey Consulting: good leaders have these three characteristics

When Bauer founded McKinsey, he not only created a new industry, but also gave young people the opportunity to shine and heat through the characteristics of consulting.


Behind all decisions, there is a set of thinking cards

At this uncertain time today, all solutions are in their own thinking and heart.


Shen NANPENG: gambling should be rational and decisive

On the way, Shen NANPENG is not only an investor, but also an entrepreneur, but also a logician.


How to design a practical equity incentive scheme? (detailed explanation of template and method)

Equity incentive scheme


Life business model: what can we do today to have a future?

The so-called strategy is not to study what we will do in the future. But what have we done today so that we can have a future?


Lei Jun's annual speech: the best investment is to invest in yourself

I am not a genius, nor a model worker, nor a god of war. I am just an ordinary engineer, pursuing my dream and doing what I love!


Drucker: seven methods of effective innovation

Learn innovative methods and form a correct attitude, you can start innovation, let yourself continue to innovate and let the enterprise "sustainable management".


Design equity incentive scheme, these 6 points are very key! (8 practical steps attached)

Equity incentive scheme


Tell three stories to help you know the rookie

In order to achieve their mission, do it in a down-to-earth manner, even if it is difficult, complex or even unknown. Probably, this is also an idealism.


How to write a business plan? 10 tips to "tease" investors (with many selected templates)

Business plan template


Li Shanyou: why can Zuo Hui manage hundreds of thousands of people? The bottom has a powerful way of thinking!

I would like to dedicate this to Zuo Hui, and I firmly believe that he can hear it.


Professor Peng Kaiping of Tsinghua University: interviewed more than 30 outstanding Chinese entrepreneurs and found that the secret of success is difficult and simple

By changing cognition, we can regulate emotion, state, and psychological resilience.


Mental model: the essential difference between people

"If you want something, the surest way is to make yourself worthy of it."


Shengnong: from 0 to 15 billion, I'm curious about how this company does it?

I wish every entrepreneur can make truly personalized and loving products.


Let's talk about how to design an effective "business model"?

What is a business model. How to think about your business model.