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MBA think tank information, bringing together mainstream business management news in China


Compensation and welfare management system design and table (complete solution of cases and operations)

Design of salary and welfare management system


83 classic employee handbook cases of famous enterprises (Huawei, JD, Haidilao...)

Benchmarking of enterprise management


Full case of employee competency model and job qualification (with the case of famous enterprises)

Competency model of each post


Chen Chunhua: what determines the future of the enterprise?

Reconstruction of talent view, from competence to creativity.


Six important links for enterprises to implement the last elimination system (with system template)

How can enterprises introduce the "last elimination" system


A full set of HR utility books are recommended! (including 8 volumes of methods and templates)

HR reference book


Chen Chunhua's speech: how to reconstruct organizational value and start new growth?

"No organization can exist independently and take its own existence as the purpose. Every organization is an organ of society and exists for the society."


Fully sort out the performance and establish a high-performance management system in 7 steps

Combing the whole process of performance


OKR practice manual is a comprehensive analysis and a change guide to break through the performance dilemma

The breakthrough of performance management in Telecommuting


Zeng Ming: no one can understand what will happen in 10 years. It's enough to be half a step faster than others

Let every part of the whole organization and innovation understand and cooperate with each other, so as to realize real-time global debugging and optimization, and ensure that the organization and innovation iterate and evolve in the right direction.


HR recruitment interview process and 101 skills (including star principle)

10 minute interview to recruit core employees


Chen Chunhua: action is the decisive factor for success

The person who gets the fastest promotion will take action, which is more important than intelligence and ability.


Six practices and Strategies of enterprise school recruitment to help you lead the golden nine silver ten

Campus recruitment strategy: a collection of processes, schemes and interview questions


Chen Chunhua: how to do effective interpersonal communication?

The core of interpersonal communication is to emphasize "harmony" as the highest principle to deal with all kinds of interpersonal relationships.


Chen Chunhua: from control to empowerment, we need to provide employees with multi role opportunities

Why are people under pressure? Why do identity misunderstandings and conflicts occur in organizations?