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A comprehensive analysis of Toyota production mode TPS (just in time, automation and improvement)

The core of Toyota production mode


How to visit a company without wasting a learning opportunity?

After visiting hundreds of famous enterprises, I summarized two methods to share with you.


I extracted these 10 golden ways to maintain the brain from these 240000 word books

Cognitive behavioral therapy is to help us find the "B" and then take a more reasonable "B" to replace it.


Five points of human cognition that have benefited me a lot

As long as you can make good use of other people's instincts and overcome your own instincts, you will suffer less and less losses in your daily life and get more and more benefits.


Fast Dog Taxi sprint Hong Kong stock market, get together Internet freight fast dog can have a little chance of winning?

Quick taxi sprint Kwai Kong shares listed?


How to improve team execution?

A leader can influence the results from two most important aspects: one is the specific strategic planning, and the other is the ability to implement the strategy.


Zaobao | the enterprise type of Maotai Group was changed to state-owned holding; Recruitment shall not be limited to men or men first; LETV building's starting price dropped by 100 million

According to tianyancha client, the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Guizhou Provincial People's government withdrew from the shareholders of Maotai Group, and the major shareholder was changed from the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Guizhou Provincial People's government to Guizhou Guimin Investment Group Co., Ltd.


Salary system design and salary adjustment management (with tools and design scheme)

Salary management reference book


How to make popular content? How to play live with goods? "Million video summit" invites you to play video numbers together

How to use video numbers to drain private domains and help commercialize cash? Take you to understand more real core topics such as video number content, traffic, private domain, live broadcast and goods.


How to deal with job changes caused by industry changes? (dry goods)

Care about trends, evaluate your own characteristics, improve your strength, make independent judgments, and actively design and adjust your career and life.


Entertainment to death: don't let short videos become "cognitive degeneracy"

Opportunity cost may be the largest cost.


If you don't know how to report, your work is in vain!

Cultivating subordinates' judgment can not only promote subordinates to grow faster, but also liberate managers' time.


Five kinds of thinking that efficient learners are using

I hope each of us can become efficient learners.


Come and meet Ali's mother

We look forward to seeing it more innovative and create more value for the society in a higher openness.


Morning Post Apple official announced that a press conference would be held on September 15; National Day holiday arrangements released; The new crown vaccine has a second generation? Response of special R & D class

In the early morning of September 8, Apple announced that the apple special event will be held at 1 a.m. Beijing time on September 15, 2021. This event is still held online. The iPhone 13 may be unveiled.