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Medical MBA

medical care

The development of medical devices is related to people's health and life safety. It has the characteristics of diverse and complex disciplines and high-tech content. As a sunrise industry, the medical device industry will have a broad market in China in the future. Doing a good job in the development, production, management, sales and supervision of enterprises in the medical device industry is an important foundation to ensure the healthy and orderly development of the medical device industry. The medical device MBA program meets the needs of the development of the medical device industry and aims to cultivate new international medical device management talents.

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Business school representative

School of management, Shanghai University of Technology

Location:Shanghai tuition:138000-159000
MBA education center of Business School of Sichuan University

The hospital management MBA program of Sichuan University is the first professional and practical hospital management MBA program in China jointly launched by the school of Business Administration of Sichuan University, West China clinical medical school and West China Hospital Based on the core concept of "sincerity, pragmatism and new moon", adhering to the long hospital management history and rich experience in management education. The project's strong teaching staff, practical course content, good communication platform and high-quality students make it the first choice for hospital leaders, heads and backbone of hospital functional departments and learners interested in professional hospital management.

Location:Sichuan tuition:98 thousand

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