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Human Resources MBA

human resources

The competition in the new century is the competition of talents, and human resources are the core driving force of enterprise development. The Human Resources MBA program aims to cultivate senior human resources management talents who are proficient in cross-cultural human resources management, have solid human resources management skills and profound humanistic quality.

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Business school representative

Business School of East China University of Technology

The Business School of East China University of technology and the school of management and labor relations of Rutgers University jointly launched the International MBA program of organization management and leadership. Based on the training concept of Huali business school, the project is committed to cultivating senior management talents with foresight and innovative spirit, international vision, rooted in local management situations, and mastering cutting-edge organization management and leadership theory and practice, so as to carry out organization management from a strategic perspective, so as to ensure that the organization can obtain sustainable competitive advantage and achieve optimal performance.

Location:Shanghai tuition:288000-348000

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