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International MBA


International MBA refers to the cooperation between foreign schools and domestic schools, recruit students in China, obtain the master of Business Administration of foreign schools after graduation, and this degree has been recognized by the Ministry of education. Generally speaking, the entry threshold of International MBA is high. Firstly, there are corresponding requirements for the students' personal qualifications, including working background, management experience, working ability and University achievements. Secondly, there are certain requirements for the students' English level. Because more than 50% of its courses are taught in English by foreign teachers, and the ultimate goal of International MBA students is to be in line with international standards and become an international management elite.

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Business school representative

School of management, Jinan University

Location:Guangdong tuition:70000-200000
MBA center of Tianjin University of Finance and Economics

Location:Tianjin tuition:62000-70000
School of tourism management, Beijing International Studies University

International enterprise management and international financial management

Location:Beijing tuition:80 thousand
NUS Business School

Location:Singapore tuition:300000-310000

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