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MBA School of Henan University of economics and law
  • Location:Henan
  • Date of establishment:two thousand and three
  • Take the joint examination:yes
  • Early interview:no
  • Accept transfer:yes
  • Enrollment:seventy
  • Fractional line category:Line a  
  • Official microblog:
  • College website:

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Open project
  • On the job MBA
  • On the job
  • chinese
  • 2.5 years
  • 30 thousand
  • Full time MBA
  • full-time
  • chinese
  • 2.5 years
  • 30 thousand


Venue: lecture hall on the third floor, building 4, Wenbei Campus (No. 80, Wenhua Road, Jinshui District)

Activity time: 9:00

Early interview
batch Submission time of Prequalification materials Interview list release time Interview time Announcement of interview results
2021 first batch July 18
2021 second batch August 22

1. The interview time is in the middle and late August. 2. The interview results will be published within 10 working days after the interview

Cheng Wenjin Dean, professor and doctor of MBA school (later)

He once served as vice mayor of Changge Municipal People's government and vice president of Henan Enterprise Consulting Association.
Research interests: management philosophy, strategic management, human resource management.

Zhang Fang Associate Dean, associate professor and master supervisor of MBA College

Research interests: corporate governance, enterprise strategic management, organizational behavior and human resource management.
Specialty: it has a deep theoretical foundation and rich practical operation experience in the fields of enterprise restructuring and modern corporate governance, enterprise strategy, enterprise culture construction, organization and human resource management.

Shi Pu Professor, registered senior consultant, senior economist

Major: automation, management engineering;
Now engaged in major (secondary discipline): management;
Research interests: Business Administration, strategic management, marketing, image strategy and design, management consulting.

Qiao Guixiang Professor and master Supervisor

It mainly studies economic ethics and socialist economic theory. The courses include "economic ethics", "special topics on economic theory" and "special topics on socialist ideological and moral construction".

College introduction

Henan University of economics and law is a National Ordinary University of higher learning with economics, management and law as the backbone and six university disciplines such as literature, science and engineering approved by the Ministry of education in March 2010. The University began to recruit undergraduates in 1984 and obtained the right to grant a master's degree in 1993. In 2008, he won the excellent in the undergraduate teaching level evaluation of the Ministry of education; In 2008, 2009 and 2010, it won the titles of "top ten undergraduate colleges and universities satisfied by the public in Henan Province", "top ten most influential education brands in Henan Province" and "the most ideal college in the eyes of candidates in Henan Province".

Address:Room 10#815, Henan University of economics and law, No. 80, Wenhua Road, Zhengzhou, Henan

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