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MBA education center of East China Normal University

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Open project
  • Full time general management MBA
  • full-time
  • chinese
  • 2 years
  • 228 thousand
  • Part time general management MBA
  • On the job
  • chinese
  • 2.5 years
  • 228 thousand
  • Human resource management and Applied Psychology
  • On the job
  • chinese
  • 2.5 years
  • 248 thousand
  • MBA program in finance and investment management
  • On the job
  • chinese
  • 2.5 years
  • 228 thousand
  • MBA in business data analysis
  • On the job
  • chinese
  • 2.5 years
  • 228 thousand
  • MBA program of entrepreneurship management in emerging industries
  • full-time
  • chinese
  • 2 years
  • 228 thousand


Venue: Science Hall of East China Normal University, No. 3663, Zhongshan North Road, Shanghai

Activity time: 9:30  -  11:30

December 29th     Shanghai Expired

HRM in the Internet Age: multiple perspectives

December 1     Shanghai Expired

December 1: advanced social and business etiquette

Early interview
batch Submission time of Prequalification materials Interview list release time Interview time Announcement of interview results
First batch May 9th May 13
Second batch May 16 May 20
Third batch May 26 May 30
Fourth batch June 6 June 10
Fifth batch June 13 June 17
Sixth Batch June 23 June 27
Seventh Batch June 30 July 4
Eighth batch September 5th September 9th
Ninth batch September 8 September 12
Tenth batch September 19 September 23
Eleventh instalment September 22 September 26
Twelfth instalment October 10th October 14th
Thirteenth instalment October 17th October 21st
Fourteenth instalment October 27th October 31st
Fifteenth instalment November 10th November 14th

The interview time on Thursday is 18:30-21:00 p.m. and the interview time on Sunday is 9:00 a.m. - 17:00 p.m. the interview form is tentatively online, If there is any change, we will inform you in advance

Zhang Guoguo professor

Director of Department of economics, deputy director of Japan Economic Research Center, doctoral supervisor of world economy
Research interests: securities economy, Japanese economy

Jin Rungui professor

Shanghai Oriental Pearl (Group) Limited by Share Ltd independent director, Zhonghua Yinghua hi tech Limited by Share Ltd independent director, director of Shanghai Zhongqiao College, executive director of Shanghai World Economic Association, Shanghai economic association director, Shanghai Institute of physical reform research, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade International Business Research Editorial Board member.

Zhou Bin associate professor

Research direction: financial risk management and investment analysis. He has been engaged in mathematical finance research and practical work in finance and capital market for a long time, and has rich experience in capital market operation and financial risk management ability.

Liu Yongfang Professor, doctoral supervisor

Research interests: Economic and management psychology, human resources development and integration. He is now a professor and doctoral supervisor of the Department of psychology of East China Normal University, a director of Shanghai Psychological Society, vice president of Shanghai Behavioral Science Society (director of behavioral psychology professional committee), and a member of the industrial psychology professional Committee of China psychological society.

Historical data
  • Sex ratio
  • Education distribution
  • Length of service distribution
  • Industry distribution
  • Management level
  • Nature and distribution of work units

College introduction

The MBA program of East China Normal University is a professional degree of master of Business Administration approved by the degree Office of the State Council. Relying on the comprehensive advantages of the University's profound cultural heritage and multi-disciplinary support, and gathering rich business education resources, the MBA program of East China Normal University continues to pursue excellence and explore the characteristic development road of MBA program. In 2010, the MBA program of East China Normal University was approved by the Ministry of education and became one of the 18 pilot institutions of MBA comprehensive reform in China, with more than 1000 MBA students.

Address:East China Normal University MBA Education Center, 3663 Zhongshan North Road, Shanghai official website:

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