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Venue: room 433, No. 1 teaching building, Erwai

Activity time: 13:00  -  17:45

May 10     Beijing Expired

[lecture] Florida tourism survey

April 11     Beijing Expired

MTA / MBA industry leaders' lecture hall

Scholarships and student loans

We offer freshman scholarships to students with excellent admission results.

Gold standard Tutor for master's degree of MBA

CPC member, doctor of economics, Professor, doctoral supervisor, American Fulbright research scholar. He is currently Deputy Director of the Party committee of Beijing International Studies University, deputy director of the academic committee of the school and director of the academic committee of Beijing tourism development research base. Main research fields: fiscal and tax theory and policy, sustainable development theory.

Zou Tongjiao Professor, postdoctoral in management

MTA professional degree postgraduate tutor, assistant president of Beijing International Studies University, director of graduate student, visiting scholar of University of Hawaii and visiting professor of University of Queensland. Research fields: tourism destination development planning and management, tourism group strategic management, scenic spot management.

Han Yuling Professor and master Supervisor

He is now deputy director of the academic committee of Beijing tourism development research base, executive director of Beijing Tourism Society, member of Shandong tourism expert committee, member of the academic committee of Beier foreign university, director of Beier foreign tourism law and industrial regulation research center, and Secretary General of the National Tourism Vocational Education and teaching steering Committee.

Gu Huimin Doctor, Professor, master Supervisor

Member of the Development Advisory Committee of beierwai University, Dean of the school of hotel management, graduated from the Department of economics of Hangzhou University, and obtained master's and doctor's degrees from Renmin University of China; Senior visiting scholar, Hilton Hotel Management School, University of Houston, USA. Academic leader of Beijing innovation team, outstanding young and middle-aged backbone teachers in Beijing, and academic leader of tourism management discipline.

Cai Jiacheng Deputy director of the supervision and Administration Department of the National Tourism Administration

In 1997, the Economic Science Press published a monograph "travel - tourism knowledge for displayed and potential tourists". In 2004 and 2005, China Tourism Press successively published two monographs: Theory and practice of Western Tourism Development - Empirical Research on tourism development and development in Southeast Guizhou and Research on China's travel agency industry.

College introduction

The Tourism Management College of Beijing International Studies University originated from the tourism training course established in 1979. The Department of tourism was established in 1981, with the majors of tour guide translation and tourism economy; In 1992, the school established the Department of hotel management and the Department of Tourism Foreign Economics; In 1997, the College of tourism economics and trade was established; The school of tourism management was established in 1999. The school of tourism management takes "service, cooperation and innovation" as its training, and "three places construction" (i.e. World Tourism Management Teaching and Research Center, China Convention and Exhibition Management Teaching and research highland and capital service management teaching and Research Center) as its goal, pays attention to internationalization and industry university research integration, and actively explores the talent training mode of "global industrial leaders".

Address:No. 1, Dingfuzhuang Nanli, Chaoyang District, Beijing

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