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School of management, Guangdong University of Technology

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Open project
  • Part time MBA
  • On the job
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  • 3 years
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Venue: room 306, South A, School of management, Longdong campus, Guangdong University of Technology

Activity time: 14:15  -  16:45

April 27     Guangzhou Expired

Entrepreneurial dream and life experience

March 30     Guangzhou Expired

Enterprise Elite health management

Early interview
batch Submission time of Prequalification materials Interview list release time Interview time Announcement of interview results
The first batch in 2021 June 18 June 18 June 30
The second batch in 2021 July 16 July 16 July 25
The third batch in 2021 August 13 August 13 August 22
The fourth batch in 2021 September 10th September 10th September 19

The interview results shall be announced within 5 working days.

Scholarships and student loans
  • In order to encourage candidates to apply for the examination, the first volunteer candidates and follow-up students who apply for the MBA of Guangzhou University of technology will be given a substantial Tuition Reduction after formal admission.
  • A large proportion of outstanding students will receive 1000-5000 yuan scholarships.
  • Excellent student award:
  1. 30% / grade, 1000-5000 yuan;
  2. Encourage MBA in-service students to return to school and participate in mAb activities;
  3. Award according to students' attendance, academic performance and comprehensive contribution;
Guang Yu Zhang Vice president, Professor, doctor and doctoral supervisor of Guangdong University of Technology

Deputy director of Academic Committee and Degree Committee of the University. Research interests: management system engineering, technological innovation management, human resource management, enterprise strategic management; Teaching: management system engineering, enterprise strategic management, operations research, enterprise management, human resource management.

Mozan Doctor / Vice President / Professor

Research interests: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), information management, information management and information system, e-commerce

Zhang Bixi Dean, Professor, doctor and doctoral supervisor of School of management, Guangdong University of Technology

Research fields: teaching and research in management science and engineering, system engineering, business administration and other fields, including production system organization, planning and control, supply chain and modern logistics management, enterprise human resource management, enterprise strategic management and enterprise management system optimization; It has undertaken a number of horizontal research topics in cities and enterprises in the Pearl River Delta.

Zhang depeng Doctor / Professor / Vice President / doctoral supervisor

He is now the vice president of the school of management of Guangdong University of technology.
Research interests: marketing engineering, enterprise management, retail management, tourism management and enterprise consulting.

Hong Wei Liu Vice president, professor and Professor, School of management, Guangdong University of Technology

Research interests: information system, management information system, system engineering, large system theory, business intelligence, mobile commerce, etc. Teaching situation: Operations Research (undergraduate course); Management information systems (MBA program); Database management system (postgraduate course); Web programming.

Helen S. Du Doctor / Professor / distinguished professor of the "Hundred Talents Program" of the University

Research interests: management information systems, e-commerce, emergency management, it in education, etc

Feng Gangping Acting director, professor and master of MBA Education Center

Research interests: enterprise management, brand strategy management, marketing management, tourism management. Teaching situation: the school offers courses: brand management, marketing management, management communication, marketing diagnosis and planning; Training courses for enterprises and enterprise associations: brand strategy management, marketing communication, business planning, management communication.

Li Shuangmei Master of management / Professor / head of Department of Business Administration

Research interests: marketing management, brand management, retail management, tourism marketing management

Star Student
  • Zhou Qing   Full time MBA in autumn 2004 Aosiwei (China) Wine Co., Ltd   general manager

    The MBA of Guangdong University of technology continues to grow from more than 20 people in the first session to more than 100 people in three classes every year. Its popularity and recognition have been significantly improved. As an alumni, I am very proud.

College introduction

Guangdong University of technology adheres to the principle of "quality first" in the school running concept of MBA program, makes great investment in the construction of teaching staff and school running conditions, vigorously reforms and innovates in training scheme and teaching mode, and strives to build an "MBA education program with distinctive characteristics and obvious advantages by combining international advanced management theory and localized management practice", It has established an MBA training system with clear objectives, strong teaching staff, standardized training process management, flexible and diverse teaching methods and reliable teaching quality assurance, which has been widely recognized and welcomed by all sectors of society.

Address:Rooms 409 and 410, building 4, No. 729, Dongfeng East Road, Guangzhou

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