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Business School of Shantou University

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Venue: Lecture Hall of Shantou University Library

Activity time: 15:00

April 29     Guangdong Expired

Shantou University phase I "entrepreneurship school"

Lin Danming Vice president, professor and doctor of Shantou University

Main research fields: mainly engaged in business strategy, business research methods, e-commerce application, etc. Teaching areas: corporate strategy, business strategy, e-commerce cases, enterprise management research methods

Lv Yuan Dean, Professor, doctor

Research fields: the main research fields are enterprise strategy and organization management, including the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises, sustainable development strategy, system construction, strategic inheritance and Organizational Discourse Analysis. Teaching field: strategic management.

Dan Trotter Professor, Professor

Research fields: China, China marketing, business anthropology, China law. Teaching field: Business English, legal environment of business, international commercial law, human resource management, e-commerce.

Xu zongling Director, Professor, doctor and assistant president of MBA Education Center

Main research fields: mainly engaged in the research of economics and enterprise theory; Teaching fields: economics, information economics, management economics, business research methods.

Huang Yan Professor, doctor

Research fields: industrial economic theory and policy, enterprise theory. Teaching areas: management principles, modern management theory, China's economic development, socialist market economy theory and practice, industrial economy theory and policy.

Du Mian Professor, Bachelor

Main research fields: Postgraduate Tutor, who has been engaged in teaching and research related to finance and management for a long time. Teaching areas: investment, financial investment practice, options and futures market, introduction to management, human resource management, leadership art

Bu Xiangzhi Professor, doctor

Main research fields: mainly engaged in freight revenue management, logistics and supply chain management and service operation management. Teaching areas: quality and process management, production and service operation management, project management, optimization theory and method, etc

ideal spot for retirement Doctor of management, postdoctoral, Professor, master Supervisor

Main research fields: human resource management, organizational behavior, enterprise informatization strategy, e-commerce. Teaching areas: organizational behavior (OB), human resource management (HRM), management research methodology (MRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Tian Guang Professor, doctor

Main research fields: regional economic development strategy, cross-cultural management, business anthropology; Teaching areas: Macroeconomics, marketing, business anthropology, economic anthropology.

He Wenbiao Director, professor and master of the party and government office

Main research fields: accounting statement analysis, enterprise financial management, school financial management, University accounting reform. Teaching areas: corporate finance, cost accounting, corporate taxation, accounting practice operation

College introduction

Shantou University Business School is the eighth batch of MBA schools approved by the Ministry of education in 2009. It is the only local MBA education institution in eastern Guangdong. Adhering to the school's characteristics of "internationalization and refinement", the business school has successively joined the European Foundation for management development (EFMD), the Federation of business schools in emerging economies (Abbs) and other international mainstream business education alliances. In 2012, the business school obtained the official certification of EFMD professional certification system (EPAS), and again obtained the official certification of the organization in 2018. In May 2019, the business school was accepted as a full member by the business graduates Association (BGA), further creating a discipline with international vision for MBA education of Shantou University

Address:MBA education center of Shantou University, 243 University Road, Shantou

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