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School of management, Xi'an University of architecture and technology

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Open project
  • On the job MBA
  • On the job
  • chinese
  • 2-3 years
  • 45 thousand
  • Full time MBA
  • full-time
  • chinese
  • 2-3 years
  • 45 thousand
Liu Xiaojun Vice president, professor and doctoral supervisor of Xi'an University of architecture and technology

Director of investment and Real Estate Research Institute, winner of government subsidy of the State Council, deputy director of national higher education engineering management professional Steering Committee, vice chairman of construction economy branch of China Architectural Society, person in charge of national excellent courses, etc.
Main research interests: housing industry modernization, real estate economy and management, risk analysis and management, project financing.

Luo Fuzhou Dean, professor and doctoral supervisor of School of management

Director of Shaanxi construction economy and management research center, executive director of China management science and Engineering Society and executive director of Engineering Management Branch of China Architecture society.
Main research interests: engineering management, urban construction and real estate development, industrial technology, economy and industrial clusters.

Yellow ball Professor and doctoral supervisor

Member of the 10th, 11th and 12th CPPCC National Committee of Xi'an and expert in project evaluation of National Natural Science Foundation of China.
Main research interests: e-commerce and network security, system engineering theory and application, complex system simulation and control, etc.

Lu Caiwu Vice president, professor and doctoral supervisor of School of management

Director of Mine System Engineering Research Institute, executive director of mining branch of China metal society, chairman of mining and beneficiation Professional Committee of Shaanxi metal society, etc.
Main research interests: system optimization theory, information technology and information management, and the application of computer technology in mining.

Cheng Jun Wang Director, professor and doctoral supervisor of science and Technology Department of the University

Director of Scientific Research Management Research Association of Shaanxi colleges and universities and director of Intellectual Property Association of colleges and universities.
Main research interests: human resource management and high-level talent flow research, regional economy and modern logistics, real-time management theory and emergency management, complex system analysis, etc.

Yang Maosheng Professor and doctoral supervisor

Director of management science and system design institute, director of China Modern Method Design Research Association, member of Extension Engineering Professional Committee of China artificial intelligence society, and executive director of Shaanxi operations research society.
Main research interests: regional economic development, investment decision-making methods, engineering economy and management and supply chain management.

College introduction

Xi'an University of architecture and technology is one of the MBA training institutions approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council in 2007. The University attaches great importance to MBA education, implements the two-level education management system of the University and the college, establishes an MBA coordination leading group, an education management center and an education steering committee, and carefully builds the MBA project as a brand of the University. The MBA education of Xi'an University of architecture and technology mainly recruits on-the-job personnel of enterprises and institutions, government management departments and other departments with practical experience or college graduates with certain work experience and management quality. Through the combination of classified training, classroom teaching, management practice and tutor guidance, Cultivate pragmatic and compound talents who are competent for the work of industrial and commercial enterprises and economic management departments and adapt to the fierce competition in the future society

Address:13 Yanta Road, Xi'an

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