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Xiangtan University Business School

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  • 3 years
  • 42 thousand
Liu Changgeng Vice president, Professor, doctor and doctoral supervisor of political economics of Xiangtan University

Main courses: political economics, macroeconomics, enterprise theory and industrial organization, multinational corporations and economic analysis. Research interests: socialist economic theory, enterprise theory and multinational corporations.

Xiao Guoan Professor, doctoral supervisor, Party Secretary of Xiangtan University

Research direction
1. Food economy and management.
2. Increase farmers' income and solve difficulties.
3. Rural market research.

Chi Ping Chen Vice president, Professor, doctoral supervisor, director of the Institute of enterprise and industrial organization theory, School of business, Xiangtan University

Main courses: socialist economic theory, special topics on reform and development, new institutional economics, industrial organization theory, enterprise property right system and modern corporate governance.
Research interests: new institutional economics, enterprise contract theory, corporate governance theory, industrial organization theory.

Chen Xiangman Professor and doctoral supervisor of Business School of Xiangtan University

Main research interests: urban and regional economy, industrial economy, insurance and financial economy.
Main courses: resource and environmental economics, regional analysis and regional planning, regional financing and investment environment.

College introduction

The Business School of Xiangtan University began to recruit postgraduates in 1978. At present, there are two first-class discipline doctoral programs in theoretical economics and statistics, two post doctoral research stations, four first-class discipline master programs in business administration, management science and engineering, theoretical economics and applied economics, as well as master of Business Administration (MBA), master of accounting (MPAcc) and master of Engineering (Project Management) , logistics engineering, international business, asset evaluation, industrial engineering and engineering management. In 2012, it won 2 national major social science projects and 13 national self science and social science funds.

Address:Yanggutang, Xijiao, Xiangtan City, Hunan Province

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